Case Study of Architect Serina Hijjas

Case Study of Architect Serina Hijjas



Ar Serina Hijjas is a 50 years old renowned local architect who has more than 20 years of experience in architectural field She has done many high rise government projects in Malaysia and also participated in several international projects Having an amazing architect Hijjas Kasturi as her father she was exposed to the architecture world earlier than any other architect This has helped her much to develop her own design theory since young She has also worked in Foster Associates for a few years in United Kingdom Today she is the director of Hijjas Kasturi Associates and also the foundingmember of Malaysias Green Building Index Technical Committee

Menara Telekom Kuala Lumpur is an office building designed by the father daughter Serina Hijjas and Hijjas Kasturi in year 1995 completion of building construction was in year 2001 Menara Telekom is an intelligent building rated with six stars for its design efforts on green element or sustainability The tower is a 55 storeys high accommodates a working population of approximately 8000 It has a 1500 seat theatre and a large exhibition area under the foot of the tower Since the client of the building TM Malaysia is a provider of telecommunication services this intelligent building has been designed to reflect their commitment on energy efficiency in the building management and maintenance system To study Serina Hijjass personal attributes of architectural theory in the design of Menara Telekom analysis and observation is done physically and intellectually to theorize and understand the architecture


The first external contributing factor of Serina Hijjass design on Menara Telekom would be the climate Malaysia receives abundant of sunlight throughout a year Hijjas has carefully designed the building by orientating the office building to face the North and South side to avoid the occupants from receiving direct glare To solve the penetration of sunlight from East and West sky gardens are designed in between of the two office tower to shade the indoor spaces The gardens provide the users of the building the comfort and convenient to go outside the building away from the busy working floors to humanize the working environment in this large structure Besides the South and North faades are installed with long and slim tinted glass window panels to reduce extreme glare from sunlight At the same time all the window panel on the building faade is also able to provide sufficient daylight to the office tower to reduce the energy consumption of the building On the other hand Serina Hijjas has done a great effort in designing a good air circulation in this building to allow the wind pass through the building fenestration The air pressure theory is being applied on the sky gardens whereby hot air rises on the sky gardens which received sunlight from East and West causing high pressure and the high pressure pushes the air creating a continuous air movement between the exterior and interior of building Thus the building is able to receive fresh air supply through sky garden and release exhaust air from air conditioner in the building to the outdoor through windows of the office tower This careful design strategy of the sun and wind working together has brought great advantage to the Menara Telekom making it an efficient intelligent building The consideration of Hijjas on the orientation of building to the sunlight penetration and wind movement has shown her efforts on designing the building in response to the climate

Figure 1 Air circulation in Menara Telekom

b Architectural Theory Regionalism

The second external contributing factor of Serina Hijjas on designing Menara Telekom is Regionalism Regionalism is an architectural theory which embraces modern architecture but at the same time takes in the consideration of geographical context Kenneth Frampton once said it should be on topo

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