Case Study of the MAXXI National Museum

Case Study of the MAXXI National Museum


Contemporary Architecture

This report will focus on MAXXI National Museum and it will provide a comprehensive review of Contemporary museum architecture built in Rome in 2009 designed by the Zaha Hadid Architects As it was said in Museums in the 21st Century there is no doubt to say that museum architecture seeks its development through the periods divided into pre and postBilbao eras Bilbaos buildings are a variety of architectural styles ranging from gothic to contemporary architecture like Guggenheim Museum Bilbao build in Spain in 1997 which gives the begging of contemporary Bilbao movement Rome has no obligation to turn itself into a trendy modern city its glory rests on the achievements of antiquity the Renaissance and the Baroque In mid1990s a new policy in Rome for the promotion of contemporary architecture has tried to change the architectural understatement by its city governments policy with different aspects views and cultural activities with willingness for novelty The foundation of the Maxi Museum was followed by international design competition combining all the new prospects Hadids proposal is an impressive urban sculpture with dynamic and indefinite exhibition space To construct this essay and prove that MAXXI museum is an example of Modernism various sources have been researched Therefore its consistency includes Architectural concept and urban strategy space vs object Institutional Catalyst and Contemporary Spatiality The essay was conducted in the form of a survey with data being gathered via books Lubetkin Tecton An architectural study by Yoshio Malcolm Reading Peter Coe 1992 Frank O Gehry The complete works by Francesco Dal Co Kurt W Foster 1998 and the following articles MAXXI Museum in Rome by Zaha Hadid Architects wins the RIBA Starling Prize 2010 by Levent Ozler Zaha Hadids MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts by Zaha Hadid Architects Starling Prize 2010 Goes to Zaha Hadids MAXXI Museum in Rome unknown author

The early architectural modernism was indeed sudden break with tradition Raise the banner of artistic simplification and geometrization advanced substantiate this aesthetic slogan ethical and political The technique had become progressive character and the machine a metaphorIn the history of the foundation of modernism role has Berthold Lubetkin along with Le Coubusier second generation wellknown modernist In 1932 Lubetkin formed the Tecton partnership including Gofrey SamuelSir Herbert Michael Dugdale Valentine Harding and Anthony Chitty Main years of work for Tecton partnership were the period from 1932 till the outburst of the Second world war and their work can be categorized in four departments Apartments in north London the work for Finsbury Borough Council The zoo work and house projects One of the picturesque projects commissioned to build after earned reputation from the designed Regens park built in London 1978 and Whipsnade zoo built in Whipsnade in 1931 was Dudley Zoo Its location is outside Birmingham in town called Dudley opened in May 1937The geometric character of building consisted twelve animal enclosures which despite the different functions of the buildings they formed relationship based on close connection between them which was an early modernist example in England In another hand on the official page of MAXXI museum Zaha Hadid commented that the museum should not be seen as an object but as a field of buildings Another way to support the touch of modernism is connected with the concrete walls in Kiosks smallest buildings in the zoo Concrete is material typical for this period and the same construction techniques are used in Maxxi museum In that way is proven that Maxxi museum was part of the Modern movement modernism

Another modernist for this period is half American half Canadian architect Frank Gehry Among the wellknown work of him is built in Spain in 1997 The projected was funded and owned by Basque Country Administra

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