Cell Phone Industry

Cell Phone Industry


The purpose of this study is to explain the innovation and evaluate the innovations benefits in a particular industry The subject of my assignment is the company of Research In Motion RIM and RIMs product which is called Blackberry in cell phones industry All industries need to creative new products or improve their products to satisfy the costumers By this reason innovation is very important issue in todays competitive business world

The RIM produce innovate the email wireless system and in this point Blackberries are one of the best smart phones in cell phones sector This assignment also makes some estimates about Blackberry and its position in the cell phones sector


In the past centuries nowadays communication technology was only a dream Cell phones internet chat email were very extreme machines or system for the people However depend on the improving of communication technology all these dreams has been becoming real M Woods 2005

During the 1940s the radio technology was developed and this was constituted the first step of cell phones history The beginning of cell phones was based on the innovation of radio communication which was used especially in taxi caps police cars and other means of transportations to provide two ways communicate one to another or communicate only the central base And also individual radios help to improving cell phone communication technology with patching into a phone line via live operator to make a phone call Swedish police used the first official mobile phone in 1946 There was a link between telephone network and the new technology and the new system was very different from two way radio system But it was not sufficient enough only 6 phone calls were done before the battery was finished

The modern cell phones technology was created by the same time with creation of hexagonal cells in 1947 Moreover the development of cell phone technologies naturally has been following the improving of technologies and first electronics cell phone developed during the 1960s The problem of these cell phones is the user had to stay one cell area because cell areas which were serviced by a base station were unable to hand off cellular phone calls from one base station to another While you could make a phone call you werent able to continue the call after you reached a set range This problem was solved by A E Joel in 1970 call handoff system was built up and this system provides the user carrying on the phone call from one place to another without switching off the phone Following decades the cell phones technologies continue the improving The cell phones can be classified with three groups first second and third generations

First Generation Cell Phones In 1983 the first portable cell phone was presented to world by Motorola and the name of this product was Motorola DynaTAC 8000X The cost of research to improve the cell phone was over 100 million dollars and it took about 15 years to prepare it for market It looked like brick and it weighed about 28 ounces Until the beginning of the 1990s the popularity of cell phones increase due to innovations in cellular networks However most common style of using was in car like a car phone because of its dimension

Second Generation Cell Phones During the 1990s due to new system such as GSMIS136 and IS95 cell phones skipped the second generation 2G The new digital mobile phones started to use in the United State in 1990 and in Europe by 1991 2G mobile phones enabled to get network signal faster the quality of calls was better and the amount of dropped calls decrease by the digital system The size of 2G phones absolutely smaller than the brick phones which were produced former decade 2G phones were usually in the range of 100 to 200 grams in addition most of them did not need large batteries With these innovations also provided remarkable increase the amount of cell phone user

Third Generation Cell Phones

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