Challenges in Highway Road Construction in Nigeria

Challenges in Highway Road Construction in Nigeria

Dissertation Proposal

Challenges in Highway Road Construction in Nigeria

Research Questions
Why is there a high number of highway roads in poor conditions especially in the eastern part of the country
Why is there abandoned highway roads across Nigeria despite huge investments in highway construction
Why this there a poor maintenance culture of roads across the country

Hence this proposed dissertation would aim to address this gap in knowledge by challenges facing the highway road construction focusing more on the supervision of highway roads of indigenous construction companies


To review and identify the challenges facing the construction of highway roads in Nigeria and to provide relevant recommendations for minimising these problems

The objectives of this research proposal are
To clearly identify the challenges facing highway construction in Nigeria through literature review
To conduct a questionnaire survey and interview of professional bodies and engineers and obtain their perceptions on highway construction challenges in Nigeria particularly professionals with 30years and over of experience
Analysis of the survey data
To recommend possible changes in the supervision of highway construction in Nigeria

Background Introduction

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa in terms of size and population of 174 million with landmass of 923768 sq km with diverse ethnic and cultures It has 36 states with the Federal capital at Abuja with commercial states at Kano Lagos and Port Harcourt representing the northern southern and eastern parts of the country

The Construction industry contributes about 7 of the GDP Gross Domestic Product in Nigeria annually and the GDP per capital was about 2800 in 2013 and is made up of small medium and large scale companies It is dominated by foreign companies controlling about 95 of the construction works across the country with top construction companies namely Julius Berger Dantana Sowoe Borini Prono China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation etc


Nigeria has the largest road network in West Africa with a total of over 193000km length which is generally funded and managed by government

Road transportation is the major means of movement in Nigeria and it accounts for about 90 of movement of goods and services Akpogomeh 2002 In terms of scale and value the transport infrastructure sector is dominated by the roads and bridges which make up about 172 of the total construction industry in 2014 However less than 20 of the road network is paved With the governments commitment to development large investments in highway roads has been awarded across the country and the sector is expected to grow

The road network in the South and eastern part of the country are denser than the other parts owing to the high population densities in the areas Ubogu et al 2011 For example the population in Lagos is about 6 million which was the former capital state and is the commercial and production part of the country and hence the volume of usage of the highway roads to and fro Lagos is quite high The total highway roads are separately owned with the responsibility for construction maintenance and rehabilitationThe Federal roads are about 17 State owned roads 16 rural and Local Government Areas LGAs about 67 The funding of the construction of the highway roads comes from the allocation of budget and also revenues from excess crude oil sales Also some states generate funds through private partnering which is used in Lagos States

However only about 27 of Federal roads are reported to be in good condition of which a major cause is likely to be the instability of the country during the military regime which later became civilian rule since 1999 Annual loss to the economy is estimated in the region of N175b N75b due to reduction in asset value N88b due to increased vehicle operating cost N12b due to increased turn around and inc

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