Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Back few decades the question of childhood obesity was not an issue to be argued Our grandparents and parents never inquired the weight of their children at school age their children school fellows or any other child they came into contact with Their children ate healthy foods from the table and played the whole day outside The matter of childhood weight has altered enough since that time With the coming of fast foods play station and Xbox games our kids live inactive lives and as a result have become very obese The epidemic of childhood obesity is quickly growing throughout US In just two decades the frequency of overweight United States children ages 6 to 11 has doubled up Obesity has been related to several disorders and conditions in adolescences such as diabetes heart disease and cancer On the whole about 25 million United State children and adults are obese or nearly obese This discovering is very distressing to many Americans and has instigated many debates on how to control the rising sizes of our youngsters

The objective of this paper is to investigate the Obesity issue in the children in the age they are attending their schools levels

Childhood obesity you hear about it far and wide There are advertisements about it on electronic media Its a very famous issue on mainstream talk shows even Oprah has an episode about it at least once each term We all know at least one obese child and unhappily that rate is rising all the time Obesity is described as an extreme accumulation of fat that raises body weight by twenty percent or more over ones ideal body weight Childhood obesity can be instigating by physiological emotional and familial factors There is nevertheless a small ratio of genetic features that can also cause childhood obesity such as problems of the thyroid While the main cause of obesity is simply the fact that children eat too much and dont exercise enough Okie 2006

Many factors generally working together raise a childs risk of being obese Eating a large amount of high calorie foods like baked goods and vending machine snacks and fast foods surely contributes to weight increase When purchasing foodstuff the parents should concentrate on purchasing more vegetables and fresh fruits and stay away from the convenience foods that are high in sugar and fat Healthy food and drink should always be available and food should never be used as an incentive or a penalty Children should not be given sweets as a incentive for eating a meal because this teaches them to place a higher value on desserts and may make desserts more attractive to them rather than the healthy foods

Having an inactive way of living is one more factor that causes to weight gain Figures show that kids spend at least six and a half hours a day with some type of media such as playing video games chatting on the internet and watching television Children require having at least 1 hour of physical exercise each day and cutting down the media to about two hours a day The simple way to get children to exercise is to just get them to play games that will keep them physically active like hide and seek Kids need to be kept active not only to sustain their weight but also to support healthy bone and muscle growth

Childhood obesity influences the child psychologically as well Overweight children tend to have lower self respect and therefore pick on other overweight children to compensate for it They also have the trend to have more nervousness and have poor social expertise as well In some cases their overweight can affect their functioning at school and their nervousness may cause some to want to perform out in class while others become more socially aloof

Children need to be supported to lose weight and maintain a healthy way of living They should be reminded that their lives do mean something and that theres still punishment of time to make a change in their lives for the better The earlier they are capable to understa

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