Computerised Approach to Monitoring Production Line

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Computerised Approach to Monitoring Production Line


Urooj Arif 1 Faizan Naseem 2

Abstract The idea of An Intelligent Computer Vision Based Approach to Monitor Pharmaceutical Production Line is introduced by our Group after the events observed by us in different pharmaceutical companies cases studies Like in Japan there they use laser scanners to scan the objects whether they are filled or empty if empty they are discarded and filled goes to next level of production But in the economy of Pakistan Pharmaceutical industry is the most growing industry in Pakistan and a lot of companies are stepping in to this sector the basic elements to step in in this industry includes the idea Research and Development State of the art facilities for manufacturing and packaging etc So we decided to work on the factor of manufacturing and packaging sector and to work majorly on production line to make production line intelligent by introducing the Computer Vision Based Intelligent Approach for the Production Line And this product will be of high usability and applications in this industry in coming times specifically in Pakistan may be implemented to other Third world countries as well

KeywordsImage Processing Artificial Neural Network


The Project is about Object Detection Identification and Comparison using Computer Vision Based Embedded System And as we know Object detection is the process of finding instances of realworld objects such as faces Vehicles and buildings in images or videos Object detection algorithms typically use extracted features and learning algorithms to recognize instances of an object category It is commonly used in applications such as image retrieval security surveillance and automated quality control systems


Pakistan is a very fast and futureoriented pharmaceutical industry At the time of independence in 1947 was perhaps the pharmaceutical industry Today Pakistan is about 400 pharmaceutical manufacturing units including those operated by 25 multinationals in the country 70 per cent of the countrys pharmaceutical industry meet the demand of finished medicine The domestic pharmaceutical market is divided almost equally between citizens and multinational companies in exchange
Progressive development of the pharmaceutical industry especially in the last decade as shown in years The industry has invested heavily in recent years to upgrade and Good Manufacturing Practices GMP the majority of the industry in accordance with national and international guidelines Currently the industry has the ability to produce a variety of products from simple to sophisticated biotech tablet and valueadded generic oncology compounds Although Pakistan Pharma health and without access to modern medicine for almost half the population fastest growth It needs a chance but clearly much more work to be done by governments and economic stakeholders Sales per capita consumption of less than US 10 worth of drugs every year 14 billion in 2007 and 2012 should be sold in 2012 represents 23 B drug prices

Last year the economy due to poor economic conditions and suffered a lot of damage from the fight against terrorism Moreover the economy inflation slow economic growth and seen a significant reduction in the value of major currencies against the rupee No doubt the Government will take the necessary steps to get out of this terrible situation but that it is the economy and adaptation to board immediately rejected
Before reviewing the pharmaceutical market we look at the situation globally 48 28 and the US the EU and 12 of the value of the global marketbased controls for Japan with a share The remaining 20 of the global pharmaceutical marketThe pharmaceutical market style it is very competitive and challenging Some 600 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan The 386 operating units Have already mentioned has a dramatic effect on inflation and devaluation

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