Culture And Leadership Theories Of Motivation Managing Diversity

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Culture And Leadership Theories Of Motivation Managing Diversity

In this Tourism and Hospitality module the topic given to me is Management Leadership Across cultures In todays increasingly competitive business environment the international nature of hospitality and tourism industry requires those managers who are fully aware of many different problems relating to leadership They really need the knowledge and skills important to lead and motivate workforce across many different cultural backgrounds and respond to the needs and expectations of culturally diverse guests This issue is one of the great important and very relevant to effective management of organization in a critical understanding oh the range of issues associated with management and leadership across culture

This report covers the learning outcomes 12 and 3 weighting 100

Learning outcome and main aim of this study is to evaluate the 1 critically evaluate theories of leadership Motivation 2 Critically evaluates theories relating to managing cultural diversity 3 Compare and contrast the styles of leadership and appropriate motivation techniques across different cultures Using the right methodology and research work this report will cover the issues raised by the research queries

Table Of Content

1Introduction 5

The Leader 5

Great Man Theories 5

Trait Theories 5

Behavioral Theories5

Contingency or Situational Theories5

Participative Theories5

Theories of Motivation6

Abraham Maslows Need Hierarchy Theory6

Physiological needs6

Security or Safety needs6

Social needs6

Esteem needs6

Need for selfactualization6 Theory X and Theory Y of Douglas McGregor6

Mayo Theory of Motivation6

Herzberg Theory of Motivation6

Critically Analysis of leadership Theories7

Great Man Theories7

Trait Theories7

Behavioral Theories7

Contingency or Situational Theories7

Participative Theories7

Critically Analysis of Motivation Theories8

Abraham Maslows Need Hierarchy Theory8

Theory X and Theory Y of Douglas McGregor 9

Mayo Theory of Motivation 9

Herzberg Theory of Motivation 9

Managing Cultural Diversity10

Analysis of Cultural Diversity in UK10

Benefits of Cultural Diversity10

Culture and Leadership11

54 Styles of leadership and appropriate motivation techniques across different Cultures13

About Hyatt14

Hyatt History14

Motivational tools used by Hyatt15




Rules and Regulation Policies16

Leadership at Hyatt14

Hyatt Cultural diversity Plan18

Suggestions and Recommendations19


1 Introduction

With the passage of time the globalization and internationalization growing at faster pace only few successful organizations can now survive without understanding the need to work across cultures Even if businesses or organizations are not working outside the country or with foreign persons it would be a challenge to identify better opportunities single cultural workforce

With the help of crosscultural business surroundings comes a need for people to be aware of how culture influences the organization It is disappointing as many quickly discover the rest of the world does not do things like we do Cultural diversity really affects the every field of organization and no one can overlook the cultural differences

The cause of event is the leadership challenge is very hard to achieve the Leaders of new era should have the ability to managing people of different cultures the leaders must have the ability to listen every one and should understand the actual meaning of diversified cultural coworkers This is the main and the core challenge which a leader faces when people perceive the world communicate and view their leaders in different ways the leaders ears may be ringing with misunderstood messages

11 The Leader

The superior leader gets things done with very little motion He imparts instruction not through many words but through a few deeds He keeps i

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