Decision Making Skills And Stress Management Psychology Essay

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Decision Making Skills And Stress Management Psychology Essay

Decision making skills are the most essential one in carrier success and effective leadership Well timed and well considered decisions often lead to spectacular and well deserved success There are many techniques to implement best decisions with the information the information available to us The depth of decision usually depends upon the knowledge and way we approach in making a decision The techniques help to identify the consequences and effects of the decision with its importance and individual effects and to take the best way to take an action

Factors affecting decision making1

Decision making is affected by many factors This depends upon the complexity of the decision Some decisions are straight forward and others are very complex So we need to consider the situation and way to approach to a decision Some of the factors that affect the decision making are

Uncertainty this is when the decision is done under very less certain about the consequences

Complexity the rigidity and the factors affect the decision is very important There will be a lot of things that have to be considered in taking a decision

High risk impacts positive or negative risk upon that decision

Alternative paths taking a group of choices from where we can choose a best one each has its own set of uncertainties and consequences

Interpersonal issues it is difficult to predict how other people accept the decision

Considering all the about issues we should do the decision in a very efficient way A well transparent decision gives high quality and consistent results

Approach to decision making

If we consider a decision making in a logical and systematic way and is done in a well organized approach we will be very less proximity to miss any critical factors and by continuous understanding of the factors more clearly we can build the quality of the decision making much better

There are different steps for making effective decisions

initialize a constructive environment for decision initiative

For creating a constructive environment we should first understand what all things to do to trigger it We should take care of the following things in mind while initiating this

We should define what we want to achieve

Create an idea how the decision is to be done It can be a group decision or an individual one

Right people at the right group give effective decision So be aware of consulting the stakeholders properly even we are taking an individual decision This decrease the impact from them If a group decision is to be made we should create the group which represents the stakeholders

We should listen to the opinions through the discussions of the decision

We should be very much sure about the questions we are asking

Always be creative from the initial stage till the final of the decision making

Identify good alternatives creativityimplementing the decision in a better and different methods

This is one of the most critical step in decision making The more we go deep into the core of the decision the more alternative we can raise by viewing the problem in different angles If there are more alternatives then we can find more effective decision Some of the ways of generating alternatives are

Brain storming for generating ideas in a group

Reverse brain storming accepting negative way discussion for the decision and do things in the opposite way

Asking every stakeholder ideas

Gathering information using the 4Ps Product Price Place and Promotion

If the people involved are too close to the problem and we couldnacirct able to find a better alternative take a step back to view things in another perspective

Organizing ideas if we have a number of ideas and margining one or more ideas together

Learn the alternatives we have to study how the alternative affect when implementing the decision

Once we are able to choose some of the possible alternative we should able to understand the feasibility ris

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