Difference of Indigenous Art in History

Difference of Indigenous Art in History


Art has been a historical connection for many cultures such as Indigenous culture as they protect the history of communities and allows for the new generation of the community to learn of their past through artwork and documentaries However due to misrepresentations from artwork such as paintings sculptures films Indigenous identity can be represented by stereotypes created by nonIndigenous artists who interpreted indigenous culture into their own artworks which they presented to society Although with the misrepresentations are still present in todays society modern indigenous artists have emerged for which they presented Indigenous art that represents Indigenous identity where the art is themed based on Indigenous cultural values such as family and the realities Indigenous people face within society Within this research paper it will discuss how modern indigenous artist can diminish the stereotypes that have been produced by nonIndigenous artists through their interpretation of Indigenous culture


Throughout history art has been a historical connection in many cultures as it allows for those in the community to protect their cultural identity within history and to create a connection between the old and new generation to learn about their heritage However Indigenous art has been known to show misinterpretations of Indigenous people made by nonIndigenous artists who presented their perspectives of Indigenous culture and shown it to society without any prior knowledge of Indigenous culture Now within modern day society Indigenous art still holds a fascination with Western culture but presents Indigenous art in a new perspective as Indigenous artists are emerging representing their culture to society These modern contemporary Indigenous art pieces are based on Indigenous cultural themes and values such as family connections to their land territory and to present the realities Indigenous people confront with in todays society

Within this research paper it will discuss the differences of Indigenous artwork throughout history for which it will answer the question of how modern contemporary Indigenous artwork such as paintings and films has diminished the stereotypes of Indigenous people which had been produced through Indigenous artwork done by nonIndigenous people Examples such as Emily Carr who was mostly known for her work in Group of Seven was one of the artists that had been inspired by Indigenous culture and produced indigenous art to display to society with the belief that indigenous culture was vanishing Morra 2005 With perspectives of Indigenous culture such as Emily Carrs many indigenous artworks that were produced in the past may have contributed to the stereotypes that many see in society today


Indigenous culture has always been a fascination between Western culture throughout history for which many artists looked upon Indigenous communities as inspiration for their artwork NonIndigenous artists such as Emily Carr have been known for their Indigenous artwork within Canada as they created their art pieces within Indigenous communities to recreate authentic representations of Indigenous culture Famous for her work in the Canadian artist group Group of Seven Emily Carr focused on landscape artwork throughout the duration of her career Although known for her work in the Group of Seven Emily Carr was also known for her Indigenous artwork that focused on Indigenous material culture Morra 2005 Upon working on her indigenous art pieces Carr often focused her inspirations on native villages totem poles and poetry Halkes 2006 As Carr took inspiration of Indigenous culture for her art work she believed that her work served as a purpose to preserve Indigenous culture through her work Morra 2005 While visiting indigenous communities to capture their culture through her work Carr had the belief that by showcasing Indigenous material within her art it would bring awareness to Western s

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