Discussing the relationship between Strategic Management and Leader

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Discussing the relationship between Strategic Management and Leader

In this assignment its going to be discussed about the strategic management and leadership It will be analyzed and the relationship between the strategic management and leadership The organization which will use to describe the link between strategic management and leadership is ACCOMMODATION TIMES and it will discuss about the impact of strategic management and leadership on the organization and how they work

Management and leadership

Understanding the relationship between strategic management and leadership

Leadership involves the quality to lead whereas the strategic management involves the way the goals of the organisation are achieved The leadership works towards the achievement and implementation of the strategic goals in a way that it moves ahead in a smooth manner The strategies are been made by the leadership of the organisation This involves the management and the way the targets of the organisation are been achieved with the strategies that are been laid down The link between the strategic management and leadership are remotely related to each other the way the leadership is working on the achieving the goals that are set is the work of the leadership of the organisation to deal with it This involves the exact functioning of the organisation

According to Neil Ritson Strategic management is the organised development of the resources of the functional areas which are financial manufacturing marketing technological manpower etc in the pursuit of its objective it is the use of all the entity resources It is a set of policies adopted by senior management which guides the scope and direction of the entity It takes into account the environment in which the company operates Neil Riston 2008


In Audrina words a leadership is when you guide the organization into a result that your group has agreed upon You and the rest of the team have a defined understanding to determine the ability and to articulate visions and goals Leadership is said seen just as a facet of successful manager It usually works on precedence for strategic planning and management and longterm success Audrina Majella 2008

Leadership is a skill which a person develop through the experience for example in Accommodation Times general assistant after having experience become the Genaral Manager they never appoint a Genral Manager straight away because leadership you learn through experience and strategic management through courses and trainings


A leadership is the bridge between strategic management and their target its because of a leadership that organization gets their desired tasks and targets

Management is responsible for people and resources in a unit according to rules or values that have already been set while the leadership set a direction to the people in group

It can understand the link between strategic management and leadership by this example that good leadership and effective management are always the of success in any organization so both of these are the skills which going side by side without management a good leadership can only satisfy for the time being not in a long term same as an effective management is nothing without the good leadership

When great leadership is jointed with effective management you are able to set a direction and be able to allocate the resources the way you want Not only that you will achieve your goal the way you have thought and the way you want to achieve

Analyse the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions

The decisions made by the management are a unique way of implementing it so the decisions that are made by the management impact the organisation So it is essential for the strategic decisions to be made perfect in a way that it works out for the organisation as a success At times if the Leadership of the organisation fails to make a perfect decision in the perfect manner then the stra

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