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Do Arts Enhance Creativity


It is often said that artists have got a considerable use of imagination and hence they are more creative than other people However several scientists around the world state that art have nothing to do with creativity They actually claim that scientists are as creative as artists As a matter of fact creativity have presented a prominently increase overtime Time ago human beings were not able to build temples or communicate with each other However nowadays scientists are capable to divide the atom and build enormous rockets that can go to the moon Indeed arts have played a crucial role into the development of creativity It is actually due to art that cavemen could paint in temples and develop a way to communicate In fact arts help human beings to have an open mind and think outside the box It is arts that have motivated numerous people to create Nevertheless arts has wit out a doubt enhanced creativity


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes art is knowing which ones to keep Overtime creativity has presented a considerable impact among people because new ideas have emerged out of nowhere Hence the world has had a gradual development throughout the years As a matter of fact this development is clearly seen in a numerous fields from technology to arts Indeed arts enhances creativity which is crucial for innovation and adaptation Creative people have the ability to see multiple solutions employ original thoughts and use their imagination Arts promotes these skills encouraging unique responses and diverse ways of looking at things Nevertheless creativity is undoubtedly enhanced by arts in three different ways First of all arts gives the opportunity to find multiple solutions to a definite problem Next there is a greater use of imagination in the world of arts Finally arts encourages motivation This motivation aid people to be creative and make their ideas to emerge

Long ago human beings manifested the capacity to be creative From making tools from stones painting in walls to mechanisms for moving things more easily and creating new ways to communicate Countless problems were presented time ago However people around the world had the capacity to deal with these problems People had the opportunity to find solutions and they did it They could identify principles of geometry the physics of forces and kinematics and its mechanisms Therefore they built pyramids They painted in caves and later in temples Natural colors oils and acrylic were constantly used in order to paint properly According to Nancy C Andreasen in her article Creativity In Art And Science Are There Two Cultures 2012

Creativity is a topic of enormous importance For many lay people the word creative evokes images of novelists poets composers and visual artists If prompted they would acknowledge the creativity of mathematicianphysicists such as Einstein or inventors such as Thomas Edison but there is a general tendency to assume that creativity is more associated with the arts than the sciences

In fact creativity is strongly related with arts Undoubtedly arts has given people around the world the chance to find solutions to fixed problems long time ago Conversely science is also related to creativity In the article Scientists Are More Creative Than You Might Imagine Alexandra Ossola 2014 the author claims that scientist are as creative as the artists in question However there is no doubt that arts and science are certainly linked with creativity

Secondly arts motivates people to be more creative and therefore to improve in several ways Let us consider the Learning through the arts program Upitis and Smithrim 2005 This system was created by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada Basically this program analyzed the effects of arts in education The LTTA program measured and compared students results between schools that took this program and schools that were not interested in the program As expected after

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