Do Customers Want a Standardised Product

Do Customers Want a Standardised Product

Customers no longer want a standardised product and their expectations determine quality Differentiation and Customisation should therefore replace standardisation as the way to meet those expectations in the hospitality sector To what extent do you agree or disagree this point

It can be seen that customers wants standard quality of commodities and facilities they consume in their day to day life Change in their needs may sometimes create discontent to the customers and absence of delightfulness can be seen Along with the product being standardised it is mandatory for that to also be of approved quality This statement falls true in case of High Quality Product attracts more Number of Customers One can get benefited by adopting the Standardisation policy as the rules and regulations of the particular company will be the same and hence the procedure of the company runs smoothly as the policies are determined as per the rules Standardisation helps in getting expected quality of commodities to the customers and their expectations determine the quality which they want to perceive

The importance of Standardisation can be understood by linking it with quality of service perceived by the customers Customers want better quality of service at standardised level For example if in a pizza hut restaurant one table gets proper personalised attention with quick service and the other table does not get the same level of service when compared then this leads to high quality of dissatisfaction amongst the customers getting poor quality of service This factor will not create delight to the customers and would not meet their expected standards as well as their expectations It is not every time that customization proves to be better but also standardization helps customers to fulfil their requirements in their day to day life Though it is rightly said that customisation means to modify the things as per the customers individual requirement and choice but standardization is to keep the uniformity of the product designed and maintaining its standards

Standardisation means to conform to a uniformly predescribed set of norms repeatedly by standardizing any product Standardized product gives better quality of service As the products and commodities are standardized it becomes easy to provide service in accordance of the same In other sense customization means making changes in particular product as per the customers requirement and desires This helps customers making their own choice about any standardized product Customization and Standardization either of two satisfies customers needs in their own terms and services Considering all such factors customization and differentiation can be replaced by standardization based on some norms and policies

One of the benefits of standardization is the cost effectiveness leading to high price Compared to pizza hut one can notice the price effectiveness of the restaurant There are costly dishes in the restaurant which are not actually afforded by lower class of people even if they desire the pizza hut food Further if the products and commodities are standardized consistency and uniformity is maintained and it becomes easy to work so the management runs smoothly and efficiently Adding to this it is also necessary for a restaurant to plan its future uncertainties and certainties affecting the business Similarly on other note there are some disadvantages of standardization affecting the creativity of a personnel working in a particular sector Referring to Pizza Hut restaurant it can be observed that as all the procedures and recipes are standardized this shows death of ones own personal touch and also kills their creativity Also for that to make workers and employees understand their work properly it becomes mandatory to provide them with required training and for that high cost is imposed on such activity which leads to increase in labor cost factor As all the work and the procedures are standardized la

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