Dove and Axe Campaigns Controversy

Dove and Axe Campaigns Controversy

Unilever Axe Dove Controversy

Unilever is a leading multinational corporation which was formed by AngloDutch cooperation in 1930 as a result of merging the Soap maker Lever brother and Dutch company Margarine Unie The merger resulted to a large export of palm oil product which promoted the growth of the company The Company has expanded since then opening branches all over the world It has so many outlets in the world and has a large share of het world consumer product market with several brands in the catalog The company also owns foods and beverage brands cleaning brands and other personal care brands The company has a large work force of more than 180000 people in the world with revenue of more that US58 billion The company was established from Roternd and London companies which also act as the mother companies for all other branches in the world Unilever 2008b

Recently the company has been engulfed in one of the most heated controversy in the history of business world arising from its advertisement The company has been engaged in a various criticisms before but the recent one seems to have attracted the attention of unlikely quarters from politicians to the human reign activists It has become a subject to social conversation all over the world due to its mode of advertisement There have been many blogs in the internet that have been used against the company and its advertisement strategy especially the recent one Axedove advertisement which has attracted most criticism even before they make their impact on the market

The market of the two brands Axe and Dove have attracted the advocacy groups who have been campaigning for the need to have commercialfree childhood advertisements The campaign has in form of writing several letters to the company in order to force it to withdraw the advertisement from the market

What is in the controversy about these products

The dove product advertisement has been used as a marketing strategy that is said to be promoting real beauty In the advertisement there is a dove that is promising the girls a good care if they use the products In this regard no one can understand how a dove can promise the girl a good care The company has however described the advertisement as showing the need to have real beauty rather than acting as an advisement to encourage girls to use the products and has therefore started a campaign that is aimed at funning projects for girl child

But this is contradicted by another advertisement of its products Axe deodorant which has been described as having an effect of epitomizing the sexist and degrading making that has been undermining girls This has been shone to be a potential harm to the health development of grid as contradicted to the other advertisement of the Dove which promotes health selfimage for all women Newman 2007

The company has been on the defense saying that the Dove brand is meant to show women the need of feel beautiful always which has been expressed by wide way in the todays stereotyping of beauty and it is meant to inspire women to be taking car of them For this reason the company has created Dove SelfEsteem Fund that is meant to educate and act as inspiration to girls On the other hand the Axe campaign shows the mating game and expressed the desire of men to get noticed by women High 2007

The above advertisement has been causign a lot of criticisms for the company not only from the civil activists but also from political arena It has been descried as the higher hypocrisy in marketing and there have been threat of taking of civil action by not allowing the Dove Fund to take seminars to school unless the Axe advertisement is changed Let us analyze the effect of the advertisement and the impact they may have on the company and its businesses

SWOT analysis of the advertisement

Being a large multinational company there are several advantages that the company can enjoy amid such a criticism of the advertisement At the same tim

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