Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Iris Recognition And Afis Technology Essay

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Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Iris Recognition And Afis Technology Essay


The biometric scanning technology is a great revolution for contemporary society There are many application made from biometric scanning technologies which may use in many different way Some of these applications based on biometrics are complex This report is going to evaluate the effectiveness of Iris recognition and AFIS for to control accessing to a secure workplace


The human beings use the biometric information which has already been a long history For example using fingerprint for signature identifying someone from gait In the middle of nineteen century many features of human beings body were used to identify the criminal cases Jain and Ross 2004 With the progress of human society a practically modern biometric scanning system is becoming more and more important

Today there are many security problems such as to control access to a secure workplace privacy and data security which can be solved by the biometric scanning system However there were lists of practical biometric applications To evaluate the effectiveness and find out which one is preferable which is a required and meaningful action


The biometric scanning system seems a kind of technology that uses the features of the human beings body Jain and Ross 2004 point that the biometric scanning system is a science system that based on the identity of a person which include the physical and behavioural features of the human beings The physical attributes is static features such as fingerprint face retina iris vein pattern hand and finger geometry The behavioural attributes is dynamic features such as voice gait and signature


This report will talk about using biometric scanning system to control accessing to a secure workplace by two aspects which include Iris recognition and Automatic Fingerprint Identification Scanning system These two aspects will put perspective in a critical way in order to show both positive and negative Hopefully the outcome of this work can be a guide book for those who wish to select a possible biometric scanning system to protect the security of accessing a secure workplace


In fact to control accessing to a secure workplace is a category of identification and authentication There are many method can reach this objective The AFIS is one of these methods In this section firstly it will find out the definition of the AFIS Secondly it will look at the uniqueness property of fingerprint identification Thirdly it will look at the reliability convenience and availability Lastly it will mention fingerprint identification could be affordable

What is the AFIS

The AFIS is an abbreviation of Automatic Fingerprint Identification Scanning This is a kind of biometric that use peoples fingerprint to identify something The AFIS may use a database to store data that include fingerprint image detail features of fingerprint of ten fingers and something else It can be a tool for identification and authentication of large population group The system will search in the database to match the correct person Maltoni and Cappelli 2008 argues that using computer to process the fingerprint data that people input into the computer and computer will achieve the goal of identification and authentication by a series of actions such as sorting locating analysing and comparing

The uniqueness property

The automatic fingerprint identification scanning has uniqueness property because it based on the fingerprint The fingerprint is a physical attribute of human body It even was used in the ancient time Using a Fingerprint to make an identification and authentication probably has already more than hundreds years Jain and Ross 2004 At present it was used in many areas for identification and authentication purpose because it is a simply unique way For example this method is used for door lock car lock computer accessing internet accessing attendance recording bank account accessing etc There are

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