Examining The Vitrahaus And Its Construction Architecture Essay

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Examining The Vitrahaus And Its Construction Architecture Essay

The home of Vitra Home Collection VitraHaus 20062010 is located on Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein Germany1 It was designed by Baselbased architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron and opened in 20102 The purpose of the VitraHaus was to provide a space to present Vitra Home Collection furniture arrangements in different style genres and also provide inspirational ideas for visitors home and their own taste in design3 In Charles Ray Eames Showroom this was overcome by use of precedents which includes minimalism and the architects previous projects in Munich Basel and Paris4

A Historical Introduction

The VitraHausfig1 was initiated as the home of the Vitra Home Collection that launched in January 20045 The company Vitra is a manufacturer and retailer of many leading furniture designers works6 Vitra is also known for the Vitra Campusfig2 that make up its premises in Wil am Rhein7 It is where company s widely acclaimed architecture of museum atelier showrooms warehouse and manufacturing buildings are situated which make up its premises8 These buildings are known for its internationally recognized architects such as like Frank Gehry Tadao Ando Zaha Hadid Nicholas Grimshaw Alvaro Siza and Antonio Citterio as well as structures by Jean Prouv and Richard Buckminster Fuller9 Since its foundation in 1950 the company focused mainly on office furnishings and has targeted business clients until they launched its Home Collection in January 2004 with a new target group in mind individual customers with an interest in design10 It features collection of unique home products including design classics reeditions as well as works by contemporary designers11 The Vitra Home Collection was displayed in a former factory building on the main Vitra production site until the company decided to have a space solely serve for the Home Collection12 To construct an additional space on the Vitra Campus the company commissioned two Basel based architects Herzog and de Meuron in 2006 to design the home of Vitra Home Collection the VitraHause13 The design development took place from 2006 to 2007 and the construction continued from 2007 to 2009 where the VitraHaus opened in Feburary 22nd 201014 The construction of VitraHaus was also a starting of a new chapter in the history of Vitra Campus since it was the newest addition in sixteen years since the last building the Vitra Design Museum by Frank Gehry in199415

B Spatial Organization and Planning

The VitraHaus is a five storey structure with twelve houses within the building16 fig3 The Charles and Ray Eames showroom fig4 is located in the third floor of VitraHaus with dimension of approximately 90sqmeter17 The visitors discovery on the path through the VitraHaus starts from fourth floor of the building towards the lower floors18 As one starts their tour in fourth floor loft they are introduced to a spectacular view of the Tullinger Hill and the history of Vitra and the VitraHaus19 After one has been introduced to a brief knowledge of the Vitra and its history of furniture The Vitra Classic awaits in the third floor fig5 where Charles and Ray Eames showroom is located20

The Vitra Classic floor can be reached by three different paths throughout the building21 First is to take the main stair which connects all the floors in the building22 This main stair will introduce you directly to Charles and Ray Eames showroom which is located in the North East side of the floor23 The second method is to take a lift which also connects all the floors in the building24 However the lift will lead you to the other collection of Vitra Classics which is located in the South West side of the floor25 But one can easily walk to the other side of the floor26 The third is a spiral stair which is accessible from the second floor27 On the arrival of this spiral stair one can choose to walk straight forward to the South West part of the floor or turn around to visit the Charles and Ray Eames collection28

As you enter the

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