Gay Adoption Rights The debate

Gay Adoption Rights The debate

This paper is an argumentative essay on gay adopting rights Gay adopting rights refers to a form where there is a joint adoption by same sex couple males adoption by one partner of a same sex couple of the others biological child and adoption by one gay person Adoption is a legal process whereby an individual or a couple presumes the parenting for another who is not kin and in so doing permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from the original parent or parents Pertman 2000 Globally it is only 14 countries that have legalized samesex adoption In most countries the phenomenon is against the law despite the fierce debate to allow such a phenomenon to be practiced Oppossers main argument stems from the question of whether the adopting parents are in a position to be better parents

In America between 6 and 14 million children are living with at least one gay parent Most of the American states no longer hold back the consent of accepting peoples sexual orientation It is worth noting that the courts as well as state agencies put in practice a principle of best interest of the child standard in order to arrive at a solution It is as a result of this approach that an individual sexual orientation cant be used to limit them from adopting children least it is proven beyond doubt that the relationship will be harmful to the child Close to 22 states permit gay men and lesbians to adopt children via state or private run agencies Bozett 1987

It is worth noting that since the 1977 Florida law is the only state that had completely banned gay and lesbian from adopting children The legislation of 1977 was passed in the wake of a campaign dubbed Save Our Children It is the following states Vermont New Jersey Massachusetts and California that allow same sex couple adoption Some states permit single people to adopt others discourage it According to Saletan 2002 the American academy of pediatrics declared that gay lesbian parents should be allowed to adopt children This provoked outcries from all quotas Despite the fact that the proponents have strong arguments supporting the notion that gay parent should be allowed to adopt children the paper will strongly argue why this is wrong by drawing and presenting ideas in a succinct manner

Argument against gay adopting kids

In the reflection of the gay adoption there has been constant dispute on the issue of their custodies It has widely been believed that the children who have been headed with heterosexual parents are better off by far than the one from single sex especially from the gay parents There several aspect that have been cited to affect these children Golombok Tasker 1996

Sexual identity

This is one of the major concern that the children who have been adopted by gay parent experiences difficulties in the development of sexual identity It has established that children who have been brought up by gay parents are constantly disturbed by gender identity where they are unable to personal identify themselves as male or female In addition they are disturbed by gender roles where they cannot be able to distinguish the d4egree to which different culture are regarded as feminine or masculine Bailey Dawood 1998 Moreover they are reported to get a problem of sexual orientation where they get a lot of problem in choosing the sexual partners They get confused on whether to have a bisexual homosexual or heterosexual relationship

According to the research that was done by Kirkpatrick he established that though it was very hard

Natural order

According to religion and science kids are brought to the world by both a man and a woman For this reason it is only natural for kids to be raised in a family that has both father and mother as this is the natural order and perverting it is wrong to say the least For this reason homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children It is no doubt that human are influenced by a number of factors among them those people we closely assoc

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