How and Why Groups of Customers are Targeted for Products

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How and Why Groups of Customers are Targeted for Products

P5 Explain how and why groups of customers are targeted for selected products

Cadbury is a global company which is located in many countries like US Canada New Zealand Germany many more Cadburys is a business which manufactures chocolate in a different way for example chocolate bars cakes ice cream assortments slabs etc

Demographic Cadburys mass targets they target everyone but mainly aimed at 560 and for all types of person whether male or female young single married everyone like chocolate The prices are economical so everyone can afford it so a person does not need to think much before purchasing Todays world is an increasing compeitive for childrenThey arent just expected to do better but also do more Keeping this in mind Cadbury launched the new bournvita in 2010 and also a new compaign to focus from kids to mothers for this compaign Furthermore Cardbury temtations and bournevillee are meant for higher end consumer who are willinbg to pay more and also carbury silk is targetted to the people who loves choclates and cant resist choclatesAlso chocolates was and will always be a first desire for any children and so there will be no doubt on the sales potential of this target market

Geographic All the chcoclate products cardburys sells are everybodys favourate so there is no limit of region it is used all over the worldHowver cadbury began its operation in india by importing choclates and they made great salesThey also imprort chocloate to different countries like france united sates gemarny etc so this means they gain a lot of sales by improting their produts to different countriesFurthermore cadbury dairy mile remains one of the worlds top chcolate products

Pshycographic People attitudutes towards the products is very prsoitve For example cardbury lanches two new choclate bars and going to relase on easter 2017 and people are very truster towrads these bars as they know it will be good and people will enjoy it and are willing to buy itThose are willing to experiment something new and fresh

Cardbury is a British mutlitnational confectionary company A business market is being targeted is premier league in the three year dealThis is really useful for cadbury because people are looking forwards to celebrate the excitement of the competiton with the cudbury This means they can easily sell it to public and they can achieve graeter sales and profits

CocaCola is a worlds largest beverage company and is the one of the famous marketer of soft drinks There are other cola drinks under the coke name The most common of these is diet coke along with others including CaffeineFree CocaCola Diet Coke CaffeineFree CocaCola Cherry CocaCola Zero and CocaCola Vanilla

Demographic Coke takes every customer as their target and potential who is thirsty and wants to taste something different All age groups are being targeted it based on age Coca cola main audience is the youngsters and also the youth Coke also segments the small children by introducing tastes like vanilla lime and cherry so they focus children from 412Coke also sells variety of packages for different family sizes and thats how they focus the family and groups

Psychographic There is a large demand for its taste and the trend towards healthier lifestyle influenced Coca cola to produce healthier products such as Coca cola zero diet coca cola and etc The Coca cola zero mainly targets teens that dont want calories but want the taste of it The diet coca cola targets specially the adults between 3060 who are health conscious but want the taste of the Coca cola

Geographic Coca cola is the worlds largest beverage company and operates internationally and the coke segments its products country wise so their operational reach to 200countires and the region wise which across 6 operating regions Coca cola launch their product in different packages and has a countrywide network of product distribution So this means they make great sales by operati

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