How is human nature changed from technology

How is human nature changed from technology

How is human nature changed form technology

In the late 20th century internet combined with World Wide Web start to hit a big in every society because it makes a possible of sharing the worldwide information There is no doubt that computer network has a strong impact to people with its capacity of gathering and delivering information However as the informations property is that it above all kinds of messages which means that while people search for the useful information they also may receive some other useless information for example some information that called propaganda The basic reason for the development of propaganda can be described as how to take advantages from the technological enhancement and the internal of human nature Though the upgrading of technology provides a lot of benefits for human society it also brings about so many problems and human nature is like the catalyst to amplify the greedy of human desire Propaganda as an important way for advertisers to lure and brainwash the audiences has developed in a rapid speed when technological enhancement and human nature continue influences peoples decisions

Technological enhancement is like the top one assistant to help propaganda spread and exploded faster than decades before In the article Computer and the Pursuit of Happiness David Gelernter draws out a statement that But using technology to defeat distance has been another goal of the industrial revolution from the start from railroads through the Panama Canal and onward 138 What Gelernters clime is that no matter in which period people are willing to use technology skills to link together from a long distance Propaganda can be a well appropriate example to show this method Assuming that if the president of a large country wants to announce a political decision by using propaganda as soon as possible but the only way he can use is the traditional way to transmit it such as railway or water route which will defiantly delay the speed of transmitting the announcement However with the assist of technology people can use radio TV and then computer and networks finally the latest one internet which connected the whole world to overcome geography and be able to get the information in a fastest way How come that advertiser will not take some benefits from that technological society by producing propaganda Technology builds a bright and straight way for advertisers to broadcast various propagandas without any restriction from time or region Furthermore technology also makes the category of propaganda becomes copious and colorful Advertisers can have plentiful technologic ways and skills to create propaganda so that it will be more attracted and alluring Nobody would say no to the glamorous and creative propaganda which can draw your attention at the very beginning and the advertisers know it extremely well than anybody else In spite of the technology enhancement that improve the appearance and the hardware of propaganda the people who are easily be allured by propaganda can be described as the human nature that is always be in the same pattern and is to simple too be penetrated

From ancient time to the present human nature seems like it has conflicting phenomenon On the one side it remains the same in some aspects on the other side there are also have some changes Ann McClintock mentioned a common sense when people see propaganda that We are victims content even eager to be victimized We read advertisers propaganda messages in newspapers and magazines we watch their alluring images on television We all do it even those of us who claim to see through advertisers tricks and therefore feel immune to advertisings charm 158 in her article Propaganda Techniques in Todays Advertising The author use the word victim to describe the people who truly buy the lie of propaganda in order to reveal a truth that people are vulnerable when they face the fascinating propaganda and no matter how much the people convince to t

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