Impact of Mobile Phone Technology

Impact of Mobile Phone Technology

Modern Technology

In the past two decades technology has advanced and changed the manner in which people relate within family ties and social groups Research suggests that in the 1990s mails and letters were the most used channels for long distance communication and the postal services were very essential in fulfilling this duty At the moment communication has evolved from the use of land lines fixed in peoples homes to mobile phones carried everywhere to facilitate easy and quick communication In this paper the new possibilities unlocked by modern technology are examined and analyzed in an argumentative manner with close reference paid to mobile phones and communication

The mobile phone is a very interesting device that among all emerging trends in technology has captured the greatest number of audience with a great percentage of people owning one in reference to Elliott et al 25 The services offered by the mobile phone are so diverse from making of voice and video calls sending text messages to accessing social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp and also taking pictures among many other functions The rate at which this device has been embraced by consumers of all age has brought a controversial debate on its impacts and whether people are over relying on it

The debate majorly lies on the question of whether mobile phones have taken over real human interaction and changed the manner in which people relate A person with a mobile handset can reach anyone they want to despite of the geographical distance between them in an instant based on Elliot et al 85 Today text messages and the WhatsApp application have revolutionized communication by enabling people to chat and send each other pictures and videos with a lot of ease

The current generation enjoys all these services availed by the modern technology and have a different experience from their parents and guardians who grew up in a different era Take for instance the manner in which people in the 1900s depended on newspapers for daily updates and every morning crowds of people could be seen grasping to get a copy A hundred years later in the 2000s the difference is notable as one can easily witness a mobile phone in every persons hand at any time of the day performing different tasks with their device In this controversial topic there are two kinds of groups those who would condemn the embracing of mobile phones and label them as an obsession while others label it as a necessity and defend its presence In my opinion the mobile phone is being misused and overused

The percentage of people owning a mobile phone in the United States is approximated to be at 70 of the entire population with the rates continuously increasing in each year The major users of these devices range in between the age of 16 years and 30 years while those above this age bracket having a lowered dependency on their phones despite owning one The major functions performed using the mobile phones by this dominant group include WhatsApp chatting taking of pictures listening to music playing games and accessing social media sites in the internet According to research individuals in the mentioned age group spend more than 50 of their time on the phone and their subconscious mind is fixed on the functions they could be doing on their phones 75 of the time

It is practically impossible to separate some individuals from their mobile phones even at family gatherings and during outdoor activities as they remain engrossed in their handsets This is the kind of attachment associated with the mobile phone as one of the most popular modern technology

The mobile phone is associated with the most amount of distraction based on psychological research which reveals how peoples brain responds to notifications from the phone In most cases people have set a notification sound on their phones which alerts them in case of an incoming message or call The notification sound takes a minds attention from whi

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