Impact of Technology on Society

Impact of Technology on Society

Impact of Technology on Society


The communication industry and the invention of communication devices marked a new phase in the interaction and social patterns of people Taking into account the social needs of people communication is an essential element that was made possible by telephones Therefore the technology of using telephones bridged the gap between the social needs and the geographical location VanFossen Berson 2008 This was a major problem when the world had no communication devices This research paper will look into the telephone technology in detail and then outline a number of impacts related to this technology Attention in this research paper will be paid to how the introduction of the telephone technology changed the world

Impact of Technology on Society


The technology chosen for this discussion is telephone The telephone technology works by transmitting sounds and signals in distant places This implies that people in far regions can communicate with ease without having to travel This technology was conceived by Graham Bell in the 18th century and has changed the way people interact to this day During the development of the telephone there was a high level of skepticism that surrounded many people about the effectiveness of these gadgets Ling 2004 These concerns were addressed by the successful launch and operations of the first telephone

Societal Outlook after Introduction of Telephone Technology

The introduction of telephones in the human history changed communication and the way people interacted From a social perspective the situation improved because people would talk and make decisions while in distant places There was a great deal of convenience that came about as a result of this technology For example the cost of travelling for the purpose of relaying information was reduced with interested parties talking while in different locations Interaction was taken a notch higher after the introduction of this technology with people talking about various things over the telephone There was also a new trend of exchanging information and ideas never seen before in human civilization The question of building relationships and networks by talking to people on the telephone changed as a result of telephones

Economically there was increased trade between various regions It should be noted that the telephone was good for business because traders would communicate with traders situated in other locations From a business perspective communication is an essential element in relation to the movement of goods and services This means that communication means a lot in relation to the exchange of commodities When the telephone was introduced a new wave of business efficiency was experienced as a result of reduction in communication barriers that were prevalent at the time Employment opportunities increased as a result of effective communication between various people doing business In other words capital inflows increased as a result of foreign investments Communication was instrumental in terms of convincing investors from other parts of the world to come and invest in a given region Lin Atkin 2002 Globalization can also be attributed to the use of the telephone in the early years As a result of effective communication the world was in a better position in terms of engaging with international partners An increase in economic growth and development as a result of a high penetration of knowledge was experienced A close review of the above mentioned changes shows that the telephone technology is a major invention that shaped the world in a major way The open interaction system created by introduction of the telephone was a step in the right direction that improved the standards of living for most people At the same time the prices of commodities were standardized in relation to a connected world

From a political perspective the telephone was an invaluable tool in terms of admin

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