Internet addiction among adolescents

Internet addiction among adolescents

Internet addiction among adolescents


Todays world is a technology driven world where all the people are linked to the use of internet in one way or the other Mainly it is the adolescents who use the internet services the most be it for the gaming purposes studies or any other But with the advent of internet technology life has obviously become easier on the part of adolescents Each of the innovation brings along with it many of the hurdles or risks One of the main risks that are associated with the use of internet is internet addiction among adolescents

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Internet addiction among adolescents

The technological development of the internet in the initial stages was designed for the promotion of research and communication among various technological institutions This is also linked to the usage of internet by the adolescents Aydm B San S V 2011 This is because in the technological institutions there were mainly the adolescents only who used the internet for the research purposes But with the advent of new technological era HCL Company made various handy browsers that made the usage of internet by the adolescents more flexible and appropriate Hamid 2015 Then eventually after the coming in of the smart phones the usage of internet became more accessible to the adolescents


Clinical disorders have been the most fatal things that have been identified to date in regards to the excessive usage of internet In the clinical disorders have it is insomnia and depression that are the most common among adolescents who have excessive usage of the internet technologies Aydm San 2011 Insomnia is on the rise among adolescents who over use the internet because they are deprived of the sleep as they all the time are glued to the internet Moreover depression is on the rise among the adolescents Esen et al 2013 This is because most of the adolescents are inclined towards the usage of internet and mainly the social media As a result many of the adolescents engage themselves in the fake profiles As a result when the bitter truth is out most of the people go in a state of depression Thereby insomnia and depression are among the top most disorders that are linked to the internet addiction among adolescents

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It has been found that whenever a person is stress or a stressful situation people become stressed or engage themselves with the use of internet This is something that is common among the adolescents They immerse themselves in the cyber space in order to combat stress Whereas some others who lack confidence level escape themselves to online interaction Also the personality traits like extroversion and high emotional instability are also some of the factors that are negatively correlated with internet addiction and are seen among the adolescents Hariri et al 2015 Among some others are insomnia and depression that affect the individuals or adolescents the most

There are various advantages that the internet has provided to the adolescents Like with the use of internet it became easier for the adolescents to learn through the ebooks Moreover they also were able to learn by sitting at one place through video conferencing via the internet This was one of the most valuable advantages that the adolescents had with the use of internet Kuss et al 2013 Though it also leads to an addiction among the adolescents as instead of the books they were more attracted towards the ebooks This lead to all time screen usage which in a way is not useful in relation to the health parameters

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As the use of technology is in the hands of the user be it for the good or for the bad It was seen with the advent of newer technologies that internet usage among the adolescents was increasing day by day but on the wrong side This is so because the porno

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