Interracial Marriages Amongst African Immigrants In Hungary Sociology Essay

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Interracial Marriages Amongst African Immigrants In Hungary Sociology Essay

In many countries throughout the world marriage is primarily an agreement between two families An alliance through marriage between two successful families can enhance the power prestige and well being of all the members in that family Interracial marriage is a potential venue where both partners can enrich their worldview depending on ones value and ability to accommodate cultural difference The extent to which interracial marriages are accepted in our global society is a function of the cultural parameters within which these dynamics occur It is apparent that the figurative shrinking of our globe seems to represent conditions that allow opportunity for the number of intercultural marriages to expand

This paper seeks to provide an overview of interracial marriages taking into consideration its reasons evolutionary historic nature and its importance to African immigrants

History of Interracial Marriages

Before discussing how historical changes have influenced interracial relationships it is imperative to examine how relationships have evolved throughout history During Medieval times the families of would be couple arranged their marriage Much of society placed emphasis on wealth and land ownership People did not often marry outside of their class Therefore it was the role of family to find a suitable partner to make the transition into matrimony Amt 199377 Also love was not a factor in the decision making process Stritof 2001 In the middle Ages marriage was seen as a sacrament Therefore the transition into marriage was made in order to prevent sin and to procreate as the Bible dictates Shahar 198315 However during colonial times the role of the family was altered The transition into marriage shifted from the parents control to the individuals control In spite of this shift though the family did still largely influence whom the individual chose to marry Children were guided and taught on how to choose the most suitable partner During this time romance became part of the marriage interest it was an opportunity to love Wilkins 1998502

Interracial relationships are historically determined Interracial marriage started in the United State of America Laws against interracial marriages date back to 1661 These laws were enacted to prevent whites from marrying outside their race Individuals who married crossculturally could be arrested Schwalbe 200123 These laws were not limited to African Americans for example in Arizona whites and Native Americans were prohibited from marrying each other on the other hand in Montana whites could not marry Asian Americans Schwartz 2000114Similarly in colonial Mexico sexuality marriage and superstitious love and fertility rituals were subject to control by the Spanish inquisition Stoler 1989134 Moran 200129 argued that antimiscegenation laws established racial boundaries racial purity contained ambiguity and preserved public recognition of sexual decency Bardaglio 1999 holds that the antimiscegenation law sought not so much to eliminate interracial sexual contact as to channel them The main purpose of this law was to keep the black and white race apart And it is for this reason that Stoler 1994199 argued that the mtissage mixed blood was conceived as a dangerous source of subversion it was seen as a threat to white prestige an embodiment of European degeneration and moral decay and represented not only the dangers of foreign enemies at national borders but the more pressing affront for European nationstates This is what the German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte 1962149 so aptly defined as undermining the essence of the nation and its interior frontiers Therefore sexual meanings and intimacy are social and cultural constructs which are the main forces conditioning human relationships It is in this light that Zelizer in Purchase of Intimacy 20051 holds that taboo against romantic affaire in workplace and sex for hire both rests on the twinned belief that intimacy corrupts the economy and e

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