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Interview With An Ethical Leader Theology Religion Essay

When you hear the word leadership what comes to mind At first thought people generally thing of someone famous For instance one may think of great leaders of social movements or even great political leaders However after taking an ethics class I have learned that leaders come in all shapes and sizes and leadersleadership can be perceived differently to different people in different circumstances Hence the purpose of this paper is to give some insight on the values and perspectives pertaining to this matter found in my interview with an ethical leader

As I look around my community I am more aware of the leadership within it I see individuals who are indeed leaders that may never become famous however their leadership is essential to the life of the community The question is would they be good ethical leaders with positive intentions In order for me to make this determination I had to ask myself what defines a leader but most importantly what defines an ethical leader In my previous management classes I learned that leadership was described as the ability to influence individuals or groups toward the achievement of goals Nevertheless leadership as a process shapes the goals of a group or organization motivates behavior toward the achievement of those goals and helps define group or organizational culture On the other hand in reality it is largely a process of influence Leadership is an active or changing process in the sense that while influence is always present the persons exercising that influence may change Hartman DesJardins 2011

Still I needed to know exactly what an ethical leader was or what may define an ethical leader According to my readings and research I found that an ethical leader is one who knows their core values and possesses the courage to live them in all parts of their life in service of the common goodGrace 2010 Such an individual is a leader that is identified by the quality of their actions and decisions After gaining a better understanding of what an ethical leader stands for I decided to look in a particular direction and profession for the best person to speak with about the topic That direction was toward men and women of the cloth I believed that I could not go wrong with the person I had in mind taking into account that he was a pastor as pastors play many diverse roles as leaders of church congregations For example they are spiritual directors as well as counselors and community leaders Furthermore they live their lives in the public eye The ethical considerations of pastors must be manifold and play a role in their involvement in every domain of influence whether corporate or individual Mavrich With that being said I was able to choose an ideal ethical leader from my life and community for this assignment He is my brother Pastor Juan C Walker of Encouraging Word Ministries located in Jacksonville Florida When I called him in regards to setting up an interview he was more than willing and I was just as curious to hear what he had to say

Leadership background

The first thing I learned upon speaking with Pastor Juan pertained to his background Pastor Juan firmly believes that every leader must first learn to be a good follower His leadership background began during his childhood as he was brought up in the church and had two very strong parents that did the best they could to teach him morals and values His father demonstrated leadership by being there no matter what as a provider and most importantly as a man In addition to his biological father Pastor Juan has a spiritual father whom he served under for 10 years along with other mentors that have demonstrated leadership and helped mold him into the man and leader he is today

DirectIndirect Leadership

I did not even realize that his leadership extended to so many people In addition to his family Pastor Juan directly leads roughly 60 people in his church But the numbers are numerous when it comes to indirect leadership Pastor Juan

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