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Interviews As A Method Of Collecting Data Sociology Essay

In this essay I will be discussing the analysis of the data collected in finding out the possibility of reality television programmes influencing the perception of the youth on matters surrounding them socially looking at the series keeping up with the Kadashians and using Ugandan youths as a case study As a method of collecting data I chose interviews both as a one on one and as a large group interview I will be discussing the procedure of data collection and data analysis methods of the data collected

During data analysis I used the discourse analysis method mainly because I used interviews and focus groups as the data collection methods as it was informative to analyze the discourse of the interaction between the respondents and researcher

Interviews as a method of collecting data

I chose interviews as the data collection method because they are widely used in the qualitative methodology for gaining an understanding of peoples experience Evans 2012 They also provide a means for exploring the points of view of the research subject thus granting the culturally honored status of reality Miller and Glassner 2011133

However qualitative interviews require a great deal of planning as the absence of a predesigned set and sequence of questions the interviewer has to prepare to think beyond their feet during the interview Mason 200267 In addition qualitative interviewing operates on the notion that knowledge is constructed rather than straight forwardly excavated Mason 200263

There are two forms of interviewing I used ie structured interviews and unstructured interviews Structured interviews with openended questions elicit authentic accounts of subjective experience Miller and Glassner 2011131 showing that interviews are very good for collecting data because they offer a researcher true accounts for data analysis However radical social constructionists have argued that there is no knowledge of a reality out there in the social world but rather that it can be obtained from an interview This is because the interview is obviously and exclusively an interaction between the interviewer and interview subject where both participants create and construct narrative versions of the social world Miler Glassner 199799 cited in Silverman 1997

Interviews construct not just narratives about social world but the primary issue is to generate data that gives an authentic insight into peoples experience Miller Glassner 1997 100 cited in Silverman 1997

My previous assignment in which I described the methods of collecting data in researching and rationale of the research topic was interested in finding out the chances of imported programming content and how it can be used to develop new characters or ways of thinking from the youth in Uganda Such examples of imported programming are reality television programs which are aimed at filming people in real time as they live out events in their lives contrived or otherwise as they occur Nabi et al 2003304 cited in Beck Hellmueller and Aeschbacher 201225

During data collection I set up three areas of topics to explore Firstly how these people made sense of reality programmes and Keeping up with the Kardashians in particular Secondly how the respondents understood the themes played out in the series and the thirdly how they related it to their own experiences I set up several questions to be answered in some situations however the respondents did not particularly like being asked many questions individually but could answer them in a group

In this several questions were asked during the interview ranging from how they understood reality television down to their perception of the program Keeping up with the Kardashians I found that to prove my hypothesis I had to ask questions that were more likely to explore the themes and ideas I already had about the programme Not to impose my ideas on them but to have something of a debate where the respondents gave me their own views

As such I s

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