Is Low Self Esteem Linked To Racism

Is Low Self Esteem Linked To Racism

In the US racism is a very familiar issue Racism manifests itself in various ways including police brutality against minorities racial profiling and affirmative action Issue like the history of slavery and the rising resentment against immigrants are also quite well known The truth is racism is not a thing of the past Perhaps it has reduced in the past century but it is still quite alive today Eradicating racism is one of those processes that cannot happen in an instant but they happen over a long period of time Slowly but surely we are moving in a positive direction

Low selfesteem has become a frequently repeated explanation for social and personal problems ranging from young peoples involvement in violent crimes to personal failures and racist behaviors According to psychologists who have researched the topic racism is about real power it is not just something that people randomly think about Social issues like racism are quite complex and multilayered It partly has to do with issues of economics political power and domination It is also based on how people perceive interpret and value differences Basically people act in ways that align with their perceptions People define circumstances in ways that are real to them and also according to the values that they were raised with

It is true that racial groups have things that make them distinct however people sometimes dwell on negative distinctions as opposed to the positive ones We humans tend to emphasize stereotypes that relate to our most closely held values For instance a group that values intellect may be quick to see another group as inferior in intelligence Similarly if loyalty is valued by a group then it may label others as disloyal It seems that racism helps racists feel good about themselves and their racial group by focusing on comparisons with other groups These issues are what give these groups an identity

There are many ways in which people try to feel better about themselves as individuals and as a group Seemingly everyone likes to believe that their racial group is unique but people tend to overestimate the level of positive attributes present in the group On the other hand when it comes to negative qualities people tend to underestimate those Racism can develop because of limited information As humans we find ourselves putting people in categories like good versus bad and friend versus foe Without these generalized concepts and categories getting through the day would be highly demanding Categorization helps us take shortcuts and helps us become more efficient in making decisions Also racism towards other groups often leads to feelings of anxiety when we encounter the members of other racial groups When we are anxious we tend to avoid what makes us anxious We simply avoid contact with individuals by hiring someone else for a job striking up friendships with someone else we feel more comfortable with and sitting down at the lunch table with those who seem to be more like us

Racism may help us feel better about ourselves we avoid challenging our thinking In other words we become defensive and protective of our opinions and only reluctantly question our thought patterns And these ways of thinking helps protect not only our selfesteem but also privileges and benefits that we have as members of a racial group For example racist discrimination which in the past has limited slots available to minority groups at universities has benefitted the majority population by making more slots available to its members So maintaining our racist views of others allows us to feel better about our own group and to avoid challenging unfair social practices that benefit us

Furthermore we as humans seem to put effort into maintaining our views of the world For example we may pay attention to information that supports our views The more strongly we hold a stereotype the more we tend to remember confirming information about that racial group For instance the more we belie

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