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Is Multiculturalism Bad For Women Sociology Essay

There are many books articles academic and non academic papers have been written concerning Multiculturalism and its impact on Western and nonWestern societies religious or cultural groups The aim of this critical review is to examine give description comparing and contrasting conducting analysis and evaluation of two different articles that discuses the same theme of Multiculturalism Both articles are written by feminists writers who argue the issues relating to gender and especially women

Description of two articles

Article 1

This article is written by Susan Moller Okin a feminist writer who argues that policy makers defenders and advocates of multiculturalism in liberal and democratic countries have not shown justice and fairness when it comes to the issue of gender especially women She also argues about the issues of immigrants and raises the question that is why the immigrants minority groups and indigenous people failed to be part of the majority cultures in Western Countries Women were the most groups who felt that they were controlled by men in many aspects of life therefore the assimilation of women in Western cultures caused huge controversy in the field of multiculturalism

Article 2

This article is written by Mandy McKerl another feminist writer who argues that women who come from different background cultures minority groups and live in multiculturalism societies lack selfesteem and self respect due to the pressure from the their own cultures and their own communities She presents her arguments based on the status of these women in contemporary societies in which they encounter discrimination prejudice sexism injustice and lack of opportunities She also criticizes multiculturalism in Western liberal democracy societies in which freedom social justice social equality and political representation are terms made by certain establishment to serve only the male dominant and ignore women rights freedom and social justice Again the emphases here are on women who belong to ethnic minorities and Muslim women in particular

Comparison of the two articles

Similarities The title of both articles indicates that there are similarities in the arguments particularly from feminist point of views Both writers illustrate the depth of the problem that women are subjected to issue of inequality and social justice in multiculturalism societies and liberal democratic states They criticize the policy makers and the government institution in failing to address the issue concerning gender especially women and to recognize that there is a gap in certain laws which left women to become vulnerable to sex abuse clitoridectomy rape polygamy domestic violence and killings In addition they present similar cases and examples from within Western multicultural societies where women and girls from different cultural background have been subjected to force marriages children marriages threat and in some cases kidnapping According to both writers this unjustified behavior led to create negative impact on women and girls and it also has created fierce tensions between the feminist ideologies and defender of multiculturalism in Western states

Points of differences and contrast

The author of article 1 presents her arguments concerning multiculturalism in a broader picture although her main argument deals with issue of women rights that has been violated and ignored In contrast to article 2 the author expands her arguments and engages in more details to identify the core of the problem that is hidden behind the mask of multiculturalism Article 1 rarely diffuses discussion on cultural groups and its role in multiculturalism societies In contrast to article 2 where the discussion is more energetic to explore with the reader that cultural groups has the upper hand in controlling the lives and freedom of women There are other views and comments regarding the issue of multiculturalism by anthropologist in article 2 which could not be fo

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