Is sexual orientation choice or biologically predetermined

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Is sexual orientation choice or biologically predetermined

There have been heated debates concerning sexual orientation in almost all the societies in the world Becoming either a homosexual bisexual or a heterosexual is a matter of choice according to many cultures and races The society is made in a way that there are norms that govern the way people behave including the tastes and preferences Anything done against the societal construction is deemed strange and therefore unacceptable and it is liable to negative sanctions

The biggest question that many people contend with is what exactly determines the sexual orientation Several scientific studies have been conducted and they are disapproving the conventional beliefs that people have It is believed by most people that if someone is a homosexual then they must be abnormal cursed and immoral or under a certain kind of punishment They are considered social outcasts in most societies as what they do is contrary to the norms of the communities they belong

According to some theories for instance exotic becomes erotic it is made clear that sexual orientation is brought about by the biological factors rather than what is currently held by many Many people look at the environment under which one is raised as the main determining factor of ones sexual orientation

The study of the twins done by some researchers is an indication that indeed environment does not dictate whether one will be a homosexual or a heterosexual There is a high likelihood that identical twins can be homosexuals than it is for the fraternal twins where only one of them could be but the other one remain heterosexual This is an

illustration that indeed genes play a great role in determining the gender where one will project their erotic feelings

There has been discrimination against the homosexuals to the extent that some of them have been attacked by the people they live with Most of them live in fear of isolation and rejection making them not practice their sexual orientation publicly The religious institution has been one of the greatest forces that have been hitting hard on them because of the beliefs held However this is wrong and thats why several recommendations have been highlighted at the end of this discussion in order to live in harmony and love for all people

Table of Contents

Abstract ii

Thesis Statement1

Statement of the Problem 1

Definition of Terms 3

Limitations of the Study 4

Theoretical Framework 6

Literature Review 6

American Psychological Task Force 6

Exotic becomes Erotic Theory 8

Biological Determinism and Homosexuality 8

Discussion 9

Recommendations 14

Conclusion 17

References 19

List of Tables

Table 1 Correlation between gender activities and sexual orientation 11

Table 2 Genetic inheritance and sexual orientation 12

Thesis statement

Many studies now show that ones sexual orientation may not be by choice at all rather a biological predetermination

Statement of the problem

Sexual orientation issues unless addressed could result in disastrous moments in our times The number of those practicing homosexuality and the bisexuals has been on the rise not only in the western countries but throughout the world However they have not been so explicit in their activities for fear of being lynched or alienated by the society

In the recent past homosexuals faced the wrath of the law once found guilt of the act This goes back to the 14th century when Leonardo da Vinci who is said to have been a homosexual escaped death by a whiskey Most societies have not changed their stand and still there is little being done to eliminate the conventional beliefs about sexual orientation

In the recent past Uganda and Malawi African countries have declared that the homosexuals are not welcome in their countries because they are considered violating the morality of the society The main forces behind the decisions being taken by these and many other countries has been the religion and the cultural

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