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Is Social Class Still Relevant Sociology Essay

Today it is very clear that social class is still relevant in our society this is obvious because a number of social institutes are affected by the differences in class whether its education health or even occupation We are constantly faced with the arguments about the social classes

Social class is in fact an open system meaning that it is possible to move up or down the social hierarchy this is known as social mobility and can be achieved either by receiving a promotion meaning you will go up a social class or due to job loss decreasing into a lower social class Although this seems very simple in the UK it is very hard to actually move from the middle class up to the upper class as there seems to be a high level of respect and loyalty that must be attained before entering such a high class

In this society is it notoriously difficult to define social class because of our ever changing employment system plus but there are a couple of different ways in which it can be measured these include the register general scheme the Goldthorpe scheme and the NS SEC 2000 scale The register general scale measures social class by dividing people into six different major classes ranging from professional in the first class to unskilled in the last class This way of measuring class has its drawbacks these include the fact that it only takes into account the occupation of an individual therefore it is not a clear distinction of what class someone must be in Whichever scale is it used it is still extremely difficult to measure social class because of the changes in employment

In our society there have been a number of key changes that have occurred within the structure of social class one being the reorganization of employment since the 1970s there has been a large decline in heavy industries such as shipbuilding coal mining etc and also a decline in manufacturing industries which usually employed skilled males from the working class However there has been a significant increase of 3 million service industries such as finance travel and leisure therefore there has been an increase in nonmanual middle class jobs and a decline in the amount of working class jobs

This follows onto the next change in the structure of social class because with the increase in service industries jobs a vast amount of women have started to enter into employment therefore allowing women to achieve their own separate social class status instead of it being based on what there husband or fathers occupation is Also this has forced sociologists studies on social class to examine the way in which female employment is part of the class structure and so women have been included in social mobility studies

Social class is a system of social stratification a hierarchy that creates specific types of social inequalities Social inequality refers to the existence of socially created inequalities such as ownership of property types of occupation that creates differences in wealth income and power whereas social stratification refers to the existence of distinct social groups There are many argument about how class stratification should be explained two of the theories that help explain class stratification are the functionalist theory and the weberian theory

Functionalists see our society as a structured whole and believes that in order to obtain social order and stability each social institute must perform a functional prerequisite in order to work together this is known as the biological analogy because it is referred to as each organ working together in the body to keep that person alive this is the same for our society If one social institute is not working properly for example education or health then this could affect the way in which our society survives

According to Davis and Moore 1945 all of the inequalities that are evident in todays society are necessary and arise because of different roles and rewards that are given out particularly in employment ther

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