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Is The Highrise Residential Building Suitable Socially

The high rise allows one to house huge numbers of people in single edifices allowing one to treat townplanning on a largescale Aregger Glaus 1967 27 The highrise is a means of organizing the shambles of a huge city without increasing its spread of improving living conditions and traffic flow and creating open spaces for recreation at the same time Aregger Glaus 1967 33 Moreover as suggested by writers such as Dewi Cooke urban sociability can be promoted by highrise housing since it encourages meetings with neighbours through the sharing of mutual facilities Cooke 2012

The residential highrise building offers acceptable and suitable accommodation for a certain part of the population single people couples and the smaller families A highrise building is also capable of transforming an older but wellpreserved district into a visual slum As a result of its height and mass it tends to overpower its surrounding not only by its size but all the other aspects of its appearance Aregger Glaus 1967 p57 As Earnest F Burckhardt states due to the height of a high rise people are relegated to an antlike existence The highrise apparently seem less worth fulfilling and somewhat satanic Other negative features of this massing include architectural monotony aggressive exhibitionism vs traditional horizontal housing that would merge into the landscape Small towns in particular lose a certain ambience of intimacy and modesty Highrise blocks have something loud and aggressive about them Aregger Glaus 1967 58 The high rise is capable of causing tenant isolation and even depression Qureshi 2004

121 History and motive

The motive of designing a high rise lies in the tendency to rise above the self it is a fundamental human urge Building into the sky satisfies a primeval instinct Actedout collectively it signifies the desire to dominate Earnest F Burckhardt Observations on the question of highrise building The three most common reasons for building these ostentatious high buildings are known to be architectural emphasis of a certain place in the city social distinction of individual group of nation and demonstration of an abstract or concrete power which can be summed up to be artistic aesthetic motive sociological motive and religious motive respectively AreggerGlaus 1967 14 In the west architects were interested in neither giving distinction to individuals or groups nor in demonstrating any power but simply wanted to create a vertical spatial element which would effectively articulate and punctuate the historical mass of banal housing that was rapidly spreading around large cities AreggerGlaus 1967 15 Furthermore the originators of European highrise building particularly the residential type had social motives in mind Starting with the theory that architectural environment influences mans way of life they hoped by means of differentiated accentuated building to promote the reemergence or strengthening of human values and individuality instated of the growing tendency towards collective behaviour They were successful AreggerGlaus 1967 15 And in the contemporary period the constant and increasing growth of todays major cities results in an evergrowing demand of the high rise building as is the case in New Delhi India

13 Massing horizontal cities and vertical cities

131 issues related to cities Jaipur based on horizontal massing

The traditional cities of India can be studied to understand planned horizontal massed cities Common problems can be delineated to understand the negative features related to this type of massing in the contemporary world as described by the Housing and Development Corportation with particular reference to Rajasthan

Poor infrastructure is found in most of the towns katcha houses and nonavailability of water sanitation and basic services to bulk of the rural population 231 These areas have no planned drainage systems management of increasing solid waste is thus becoming an issue in such citiesThe restricte

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