Is Wage Slavery A Exaggeration Or Reality

Is Wage Slavery A Exaggeration Or Reality

DesignMethodology Information is collected through semistructured interviews conducted with 20 individuals from two groups of people First group is selected from lower income class and second group is selected from the middle class of society They have equally been picked in the sample The interview data was analyzed by using NVivo software so that different categories can be inductively explored from data

Findings It was observed that people of both middle and lower classes have some similarities and disagreements in their opinions With a couple of exceptions a consensus was there that wage system is better than old form of slavery Hope for change in wage system was observed to be an important factor which distinguishes it from slavery It is noted that the work is not finished yet and the conditions which made slavery look bad are still there in the society There is a lot to be done to improve the status of poor people it will not be very valuable to claim that Slavery has been abolished without eliminating those oppressing conditions


Most people will agree that slavery is wrong and our societies should be free from the evils of it Some consider Slavery as a problem of past and they are so sure that they do not even try to analyze if same conditions are prevailing today which made it an undesirable state We need to be very sure that what we mean by Slavery about whose wrongness we are discussing Slavery can be a very wrong thing but until we work out what it actually is and what it is not we can not for sure claim about its abolishment Slavery is generally thought of as a practice of bringing outsiders into society so that they can be used in economic production and can be benefited from Slaves have been considered as a legal property of the Masters Complete obedience and subordination of the will is regarded as the main feature of this institution Sio 1965 Slavery is associated with the condition of oppression as one person master exercises his full power on the other person slave According to an old definition Slavery is a condition in which one is in the power of another whom he is compelled to serve without the means of redness when wronged Brisbane 1849 This means that people who are been oppressed and they do not have the power to avoid oppressions then they are enslaved people Brisbane 1849

Slavery is bad and discrimination on the basis of race is wrong have become moral truths in todays world but it is not so from the start Slavery has always been accepted in past and was in practice in different countries across the world but never been questioned If we evaluate the institution of Slavery we find three major problems with it Firstly the problem of selfishness ie masters used to take decisions which were in their better interests not in the interests of the slaves This means there will not be any issue of slaves human rights as far as what he or she is doing is in the interest of the master Secondly Slaves were considered as personal property hence inferior to their masters The worse thing was that this perception was institutionalized Thirdly the institution of Slavery stops the slave from reaching his or her full potential What will slave do is decided by the master the working hours will also be of the choice of the master

It is unfortunate that people normally accept practices as the way they are practiced in society and do not challenge the underline assumptions Previously they were ready to accept Slavery and now they consider it to be wrong In past slaves were considered to be a form of capital for their masters as they utilized them in production agriculture and economic activities In the economy like United States the number of slaves increased with a constant rate and as per an estimation slave population increased from 697624 in 1790 to 3953760 in 1860 The annual growth rate was about 25 Ransom Sutch 1988 Land wasnt a scarce resource at that time so slaves could be used to prep

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