Issues in the UK Gender Pay Gap UK Underclass and Racism

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Issues in the UK Gender Pay Gap UK Underclass and Racism

What is the gender pay gap and why does it occur

Gender pay gap has been a contentious issue for the last two decades the recent the international womens day celebration brought the issue into spotlight Gender pay gap simply the differences in wages paid to men and women The advocate of gender pay gap argued that men are paid more money than women for the same job in other word it is immoral and create inequality in the society The cent study conducted by the European Union Commission on pay structure across the member states indicated that the main cause of gender pay gap is the way women competencies are measured against men For instance jobs that are required limited skills or qualification are undervalued and poorly paid because they are dominated by women In addition jobs in the construction companies are dominated by men and the wages structure is higher when compared to jobs like cleaning cooking or even nursing This is because employers judge people based on their physicality in this jobs rather than the skills and knowledge of the employer Another example is most individual that works as a cashier in the supermarket are women while men tends to work in the warehouse stacking shelve and other role that require physical ability the comparison is the women are pay less because they work on the till compared to men that are involved in physical task

Drolet and Mumford 2011 indicated that gender pay gap is influenced by different factors such as discrimination stereotyping family and societal factors The scholar argued that most women are likely to work in parttime compared to men because they have to undertake other roles such as caring for their children parent or taking an unpaid job in the society Hence because of their limited commitment to work it is difficult for them to attain managerial roles The Office for National Statistic figures on earning in 2016 shows that 26 of women earn less than men which indicated that women in full time employment earn less than men by 5732 Rubery2015 suggested that gender pay gap is caused by the kind of occupation and industry were women seek work He argued that women are more commitment to health and social care organisations because they are good with been compassionate and empathy compared with scientific or high tech industries that nurture and pay their employees more for their expertise Most of the employees of high tech organisations are dominated by men because of the long hours and commitment required for their role

There are many factors that causes gender pay gap and it essential to have an indepth understanding of the causes of the problem in order to make any suggestions on how the government and organisation can work together to limit or eliminate pay inequality and stereotyping in our society One of the main factor of gender pay gap is discrimination and this could be direct or indirect discrimination Some organisations prefer to employ men because they are more committed to their job because of this they pay them more money and more also men do not usually take time off to take care of their children or parents compared to women Recent study conducted by Fawcett Society shows that women are unfairly especially when they return back from maternity A record number of women are forced to leave their job after having a baby because of poor treatment at work Fawcettsociety 2017

Secondly womens competences and skills are undervalued men in the same or similarly role with the same qualification are paid more than women For instance Birmingham Council was forced to pay compensation to predominantly women workers such as cook cleaners care staff etc because they were denied bonuses compared to men that works as refuse collector road workers and street cleaners The bonus was based on the physical task of the role rather than the skill and knowledge of the individual On other factor is that women take up more responsibilities that men when it comes to the society an

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