Issues Related To Migration

Issues Related To Migration

Keywords problems related to migration migration problems migration push and pull

Migration influences the social political economic life of the people of a country which has higher immigrants In India migration either domestic or international has a major effect on countrys economy International migration has become an important feature in globalized markets influencing the economic growth The impact of the migration is complex for both the immigrants and the countries involved

This paper includes the push and pull factors that can lead to migration of people It also includes the social and economic impacts of migration on different communities in a country Also it includes various reasons that leads to domestic and international migration of people There has been concern about international migration in different services for some years now but recently the situation has become more acute for a number of reasons mostly reflected in severe staff and skill shortages in the different systems of many countries While industrialized countries in addressing the problem of staff shortages become recipient countries and actively recruit migrants abroad the emigration of qualified workers in a number of donor countries may undermine the functioning of their activities


Migration basically means the movement of people from one place to another Migration is generally categorized as internal known as immigration or it can be external emigration Voluntary migration is when people choose to move for a new job or a better education and forced migration is when they feel they have no choice but to move because their life is threatened or in danger or it may be due to famine war or persecution There have been various issues that are linked to migration that have come to limelight through series of workshops conferences panels film screenings cultural and artistic activities like human right aspects living conditions migrant workers rights human trafficking etc All these issues have a great impact on migrant people as well as the locals Rachel SabatesWheeler and Ian MacAuslan the two socialists argue that it is in the interests of migrants and both host and source country governments to investigate and fully understand the implications of legal physical and political access structures to social protection


Policy debates about immigration generally focus on two broad themes the impact of immigration upon the economy and its soaial and cultural impact The immigrants are seen taking the various resources making it more difficult to unite the societies and undermining a sense of national identity So there is a need for these policy makers or the governing bodies to balance the economic need for migrants against the social problems they create

1 Human Rights vs Migrants Rights

It is imperative to focus on the respect of human rights and right of access to justice Migrants rights are also as important as human rights There should be a legislation that should refer to the economic social and cultural contribution of migrants and Diaspora

2 Trafficking of Persons mainly Children

There have been many problems like difficult living conditions of minor migrant children between 9 and 18 years of age In search of jobs in order to support their families they often fall into the trap of adults who bring them in other countries and exploiting them mentally and sexually There is an African Organization that is working with various organizations in ECOWAS region that aims at helping these children

3 Forced Migration due to Physical Factors

Climatic changes temperature lack of water supply droughts floods etc are also a major reason for emigration So there is a need for respective countries to revisit this phenomenon The emigration of these people often exposes them to the risks of being trafficked slavery or prostitution of women

4 Migration to Access Descent Living Conditions


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