JD Sports Leadership and Management Styles

JD Sports Leadership and Management Styles

This report is how to apply a new concept of leadership and management in the JD Sports Fashion plc is the UK specialised multiple retailer of fashionable and own branded sports wear The main fascia of JD is to promoting sports wear in everyday life rather than only on sport field JD has developed its reputation as the most innovative visual merchandiser of fashionable sports wear with the best and the most exclusive stylish ranges Sales of JD are largely based on the sale of international brands such as Nike and Adidas and own branded sports and casual wear such as McKenzie Carbrini and Frisk It is a customer oriented organisation and hence the customers are given the first priority in the organisation

Task 1

Knowledge Management Style

According to GAO Et Al 2008 knowledge is subject to a number of different interpretations Knowledge is also regarded as asset of organises statements of facts or ideas which represents a reasonable judgement It is something which alters activities by becoming grounds for action At JD Sports all employees are involved in knowledge creating activities such as merchandising for apparel footwear and accessories

GAO Et Al 2008 states that organisational knowledge is fragmented into two levels

Individual level

Organisational level

Personal knowledge refers to an individuals specialised knowledge which is used by the organisation At JD personal knowledge are the skills possessed by an individual applies and implements at company which bring back positive results for the organisation

Knowledge at the organisation level is divided into two categories static substance knowledge and the dynamic process knowledge

Static substance is the basic criteria and standards that JD maintains for example the merchandising brief the apparel outlet etc it refers to the explicit knowledge in terms of vision and mission of JD

Dynamic process refers to the employee activities of the organisations operations This includes the employees serving customers new product knowledge and selling techniques etc

Knowledge Management is the collection of processes that govern the creation dissemination and leveraging of knowledge to fulfil organisational objectives

JD uses Knowledge management as a facilitating tool of managing activities which includes creation transformation and collaboration At JD knowledge is used as an organised combination ideas rules and procedures which help to achieve its strategic goals easily

Individual knowledge and organisational knowledge is distinct at JD but yet they are interdependent At JD individual can take quick decisions to solve customer enquiries rather than using the regulations set by the company in complex situations at JD when the organisational task are highly interdependent individuals do not possess the necessary pool of expertise to solve interdisciplinary problems They therefore have collaborated with management by sharing their knowledge and expertise Hence they can agree on common presumptions and analytical frameworks and can therefore coordinate diverse set of activities and solve complex issues

At JD individual knowledge if not shared with the entire employee it will have very little effect on the organisations knowledge base Hence at JD the management team ensures to facilitate the process of interactions between the employees and makes them sensitive towards environmental stimuli Hence the individual knowledge is amplified and internalized to contribute to the organisational knowledge base

The diagram below shows JD manage different kinds of knowledge which is defined as capturing distributing and using knowledge for accomplishment of a task


Creating balance between existing expertise and creativity


Informal meeting internet news groups and other modes of collaboration between employees


Empowering and job specific and business related training


Periodical reviews and revisions of existing rules procedur

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