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Led Zeppelin History and Analysis

Led Zeppelin was one of the most popular mainstream rock bands from 1968 to 1980 Consisting of Robert Plant on vocals Jimmy Page on guitar John Paul Jones on bass guitar and John Bonham on the drums they are now considered to be one of the greatest rock bands that ever played Led Zeppelin made many contributions to the music world and their legacy is still very alive today

Each individual member of Led Zeppelin made their own contributions to their music and the advancement of music as a whole Without any one member Led Zeppelins legacy would be completely different Robert Plants high vocal style and songwriting abilities were instrumental in Led Zeppelins success Jimmy Pages musical knowledge and innovative guitar playing are widely considered to be some of the greatest of their time According to AllMusiccom Jimmy Page is Unquestionably one of the alltime most influential important and versatile guitarists and songwriters in rock history Prato 2011 John Bonhams loud heavy drumming and percussion skills were essential to the Led Zeppelin hard rock sound A friend of Bonhams once said that He always wanted to be one of the loudest drummers in the west and was determined not to be drowned out by guitarists Welch Nicholls 2001 p 28 John Paul Jones steady bass rhythms and musical diversity were key elements to the Led Zeppelin sound that are often overlooked

Led Zeppelin was officially formed as a group in the late 1960s Founder and guitarist Jimmy Page was playing with a group known as The Yardbirds at the time In 1968 The Yardbirds disbanded and Page began searching for new members for the band He was soon put into contact with Robert Plant and hired him as the bands new vocalist Plant knew a drummer and suggested John Bonham an old band mate for the job Bonham was soon hired and all they needed was a bassist John Paul Jones soon contacted Page and the band was formed as the New Yardbirds The band soon recorded their first album together and it was released under their new name Led Zeppelin In late 1968 Led Zeppelin signed with Atlantic Records and in the last days of December they performed live in the United States for the first time

Led Zeppelins early days were mainly spent touring Europe and recording for their first album as Led Zeppelin Their first record propelled them onto the music scene with a groundbreaking heavy bluesrock fusion The touring for the first album made Led Zeppelin a household name and landed them in the limelight for the next decade Over the next ten years Led Zeppelin went to new heights with their massive concerts and innovative records

Led Zeppelins first official album a selftitled record was recorded in late 1968 and was subsequently released in the United States in January of 1969 The album produced a number of classic Led Zeppelin staples such as Dazed and Confused Good Times Bad Times and Communication Breakdown Elements from this album such as Jimmy Pages use of a cello bow to play his guitar went on to become icons of Led Zeppelins music Although the album was initially criticized the album is now considered to be one of the greatest stepping stones in the further development of hard rock music

Later in October 1969 Led Zeppelin released their second album Led Zeppelin II and the response was even greater than their first This album really showcased the bands blues and folk influences on song like Ramble On and Bring it on Home Robert Plant became famous for his mystical and storytelling songwriting style and we see those elements in Ramble On One of the biggest legacies to come from this album was the song Whole Lotta Love Whole Lotta Love is one of their most famous songs and has been covered extensively over the years Jimmy Pages guitar riffs and solos are some of the most recognizable guitar works of the time

A year later in October 1970 Led Zeppelin released their third album and unsurprisingly it was named Led Zeppelin III The album contains more acoustic and mellow so

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