Lidl Organisational Structure

Lidl Organisational Structure

Keywords lidl performance management lidl mission and values

Lidl is a German based multinational company Lidl is the discounted super market All over the world round about 8000 branches of Lidl are in working nowjosefsherfas is basic founder of the Lidl the first store of Lidl was established in 1930 Lidl discounted rate schemes gives it more room for growth and after some period its goes across the boundaries of Germany and now over 20 contries lidl has its stores In UK only above then 5000 stores are in operation The Lidl has the big competition with the farm foods which is the main supplier of frozen foods in the United Kingdom market The last year revenue generated by the Lidl was the 70 billion USD A hurdle in the Lidl increase of the performance and the market share is the criticism of lidless treatment of its staff Trade union of Germany and other countries where the Lidl is operating has criticized the misconduct behavior of the management with the workers No relaxation to the pregnant ladies A black book on the Schwarz retail company published first in the merman and related that its also transfer in the English The Lidl is the only company which force its employees to work on the per piece rate into their stores British different magazines have notified this think that the extra work is taken from the managers and staff members No extra pay for the working after the duty demining off The performance management is the Lidl is too crucial Here the only employees are working for money they have no respect so the performance management study on the Lidl will give the better information as compare to others

Learning outcome 1

1 Potential benefits and pitfalls

11 what is spm

SPM is sale performance management to manage the sale system of the companies what the sale has achieved what was the taergets what are the achievement or where we lack in our achievements how the more sale can be achieved all these functions comes in the sale performance management As the control on the management and the and the sales activities will be increase as it will be good for the company to enhance the sales

12 why is pm crucial

Its an easy to say that check the performance of the company and improve it more But this actual working is too crucial the whole performance management process contains the six steps
Step 1 goals set align with higher level goals

First of the goals are settled by the top management the management make these goals the vision of the company and designed the policies through which they have to achieve the goals of the company
Step 2 behavioral expectations and standards discussed

In the second step the behavioral expectations and standards are discussed responsibilities are given targets are settled down for every department and teams The expectations and the standards when settled down then the company management try starting work on those policies to achieve the organizational objectives or settled targets
Step 3 on going performance feedback provided during cycle

An ongoing performance check is the main job of the management to take increase in the efficiency of work The company has main focus on the targets but here the company management try to improve the work also as the company achieve the desired results not in the beginning but at the end of the day
Step 4 performance appraised by manager

The next step of enhance the performance the manger has to appraise the work of the workers and give them motivation about their work Motivation plays a vital role in the development of the company
Step 5 formal review session conducted

A whole reviewed of the financial period is conducted which shows the performance of the workers in the company The company management evaluates the performance of the workers against the settings of their achievements in the whole financial period
Step 6 hr decision making eg pay promotion etc

HR decisions that what incentives will be given to th

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