Network Installation in Corporate Company

Network Installation in Corporate Company

Mohammed Abdulmalik

Network Installation in Corporate Company

Our project is to have an idea about the network structure of Noviasat Company and we are going to meet the head of IT department We are going to ask him about the companys network structure network components tools number of employees number of servers routers switches cables and the cost of the network class of the IP addresses duration of setting up the company network number of technicians and engineers who worked in installing the network number of company branches After that we are going to take some pictures of the most important components Finally well simulate it on packet tracer

Information and communication are two of the most important strategic issues for the success of every enterprise While today nearly every organization uses a substantial number of computers and communication tools telephones fax and personal handheld devices they are often still isolated While managers today are able to use the newest applications many departments still do not communicate and much needed information cannot be readily accessed To overcome these obstacles in an effective usage of information technology computer networks are necessary They are a new kind one might call it paradigm of organization of computer systems produced by the need to merge computers and communications At the same time they are the means to converge the two areas the unnecessary distinction between tools to process and store information and tools to collect and transport information can disappear Computer networks can manage to put down the barriers between information held on several not only computer systems Only with the help of computer networks can a borderless communication and information environment be built

11 What is the problem

12 What will you do to solve it

Our expectation that it has three branches and each branch has a router and switch We think each branch has thirty employees A single server for each branch we have a feeling that they are using cat5e for the local networking We guess the cost of the entire network is 300 SR

We think they use IPV6 and setting up the network took two weeks for each branch by two engineers and three technicians

21 Our expectations on Packet Tracer

Figure 1 Topology

As we see in Figure 1 there is numbers representing things and lets begin with number 1 which is Jeddah branch consists of a router a switch DHCP server and 90 user end devices Numbers 2 and 4 are the cables for connecting two different networks and its called Serial cable Number 3 is the Riyadh branch and its the head quarter of the company consists of 100 user end devices switch router and DHCPDNS services in the same server Number 5 is the Dammam branch consists of a router a switch DHCP server and 70 user end devices Numbers 6 7 8 9 10 and 11 are the local network cables called straight through cables which used between different devices

31 What we discovers after the meeting

They have 150 employees in the main branch Riyadh other ones in Jeddah and Dammam They have 6 serves Some servers can do role of two servers actual and Virtual servers at the same time They use 3 routers in each city and Riyadh branch uses Core switch which works in layer 3 as a router and switch at the same time There are two switches for each branch The other Riyadh branch connects to the network through the web to the main branch database The provider cables are Fiber optic cables connected to the Fire wall of the company and the company branches uses Cat6 for local networking The cost of the main building is SR 600000 and took 10 week to set up the network It was done by a technician and an engineer The protocol is RIP because the number of routers in the range of 115

Figure 2 Server room

This is the server room where the server is located and as you can see it must have an AC to keep the server room cold because the heat will absolutely affect the s

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