Operating systems in Nokia phones

Operating systems in Nokia phones


Operating system basically acts as interface between user and hardware A mobile operating system also known as mobile OS or a handheld operating system controls the mobile device It works on the same principle as the operating systems in windows which control the desktop computers However the mobile operating systems are simpler than that of windows operating systems

Various operating systems used in smart phones include
Symbian OS
Iphone OS
RIMS Blackberry
Palm webOS
Windows mobile operating system

Various operating systems along with their detail are

1 Symbian OSSymbian operating system is designed for mobile devices with associated libraries user interface and framework

It is used in various models of the phones around 100 models use this It consists of kernel and middleware components of software stack The upper layers are supplied by application platforms like S60 UIQ and MOAP

This is NOKIA N92 with Symbian OS

Reasons for designing Symbian OS
To ensure the integrity and security of data
Utilize the user time
All resources are scarce

Designing of Symbian OS

It uses a microkernel which has a request and callback approach to services It maintains the separation between user interface and design Mobile view controller is the object oriented design used by the applications and the OS This OS is optimised for low power battery based devices and for ROM based systems

The Symbian kernel supports sufficientlyfast real time response to build a singlecore phone around itthat is a phone in which a single processor core executes both the user applications and the signaling stack

Structure of Symbian model
UI Framework Layer
Application services layer
Java ME
OS services layer
Generic OS services
Communication services
Multimedia and graphics services
Connectivity services
Base services layer
Kernel services and hardware interface layer

It uses microkernel architecture ie it includes only the necessary parts in order to maximize the robustness responsiveness and availability It contains scheduler memory management and device drivers Symbian is designed to emphasize compatibility with other devices especially removable media file systems

There is a large networking and communication subsystem which has three main servers called ETEL ie EPOC telephony ESOCK ie EPOC sockets and C32 which is responsible for serial communication Each of these has a plugin scheme All native Symbian C applications are built up from three framework classes defined by the application architecture an application class a document class and an application user interface class These classes create the fundamental application behaviour

Symbian includes a reference userinterface called TechView It provides a basis for starting customization and is the environment in which much Symbian test and example code runs

Versions of Symbian OS
Symbian OS v60 and 61
Symbian OS 70 and 70s
Symbian OS 80
Symbian OS 81
Symbian OS 90
Symbian OS 91
Symbian OS 92
Symbian OS 93
Symbian OS 94
Symbian OS 95

2 Iphone OS

It is internet and multimedia mobile phone designed by apple Inc The Iphone functions as a camera phone a portable media player and an internet client

Iphone OS is an operating system that runs on Iphone It is based on the same DARWIN operating system used in MAC OS X It is responsible for the interfaces motion graphics The operating system takes up less than half a GB of the devices total storage 4 to 32GB It is capable of supporting bundled and future applications from Apple as well as from thirdparty developers Software applications cannot be copied directly from Mac OS X but must be written and compiled specifically for Iphone OS

Like the iPod the Iphone is managed with iTunes The earliest versions of Iphone OS required version 73 or later which is compatible with Mac OS X version 10410 Tiger or later and 32bit or 64bit Windows XP or Vista Th

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