Parties Involved In The Project Completion Construction Essay

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Parties Involved In The Project Completion Construction Essay

In a construction project there are several parties involved in the completion of the project These parties can be from either the public sector or the private sector The key parties are the ownerclient the architectengineer and the general contractor Between these parties there are business agreements in the form of contracts to complete the work in the project such as design engineering construction management and maintenance

A construction project is ready for execution after the clientowner accumulates the required funds and has obtained the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities Upon meeting the above mentioned criteria for establishing a project the client will approach a general contractor or an architect to complete the project

In medium to large size projects the client can execute the work by employing the work force directly trade contract entrusting a select portion of the work to general contractors and executing the remaining work directly main contract or entrusting the entire work to general contractors turnkey contract

In a main contract the client contracts with an architect whom is responsible for the design of the project and a general contractor who is responsible for the construction which results in two separate contracts the clientarchitect contract and the clientcontractor contract Subject to the clients involvement in decision making the architect is able to act as the clients representative

In a turnkey contract the general contractor is responsible for both the design and construction of the project there is a single contract between the two parties the clientcontractor contract

The clientcontractor contract maintains the contractual relationship between the two parties in both main and turnkey contracts Theoretically speaking the turnkey contractor is responsible for a main contractors and consultants architectengineer work within a project in other words the turnkey contractor is also acting as the main contractor It is important to consider the potential for change in this contractual relationship it is important to consider the idea that a main contractor can also act as a turnkey contractor within the project

Problem Statement

How can a general contractor act as both a main contractor and a turnkey contractor within a single project

Research Questions

What form of project will allow the general contractor to change their role in the projects organisational structure

How is the general contractor allowed to change roles


This study will be written from a practical perspective not from a legal perspective This study will focus on the relationship between the client and general contractor in a building construction project to identify the parameters in which the general contractor is able to be both a main contractor and a turnkey contractor within a single project This study will not cover the legal issues pertaining to liability insurance and risk management etc

Research Method

The research conducted is through qualitative and analytical methods to answer the research questions raised in this study The research will be from primary and secondary sources such as interviews articles books websites published documents from websites electronic books archived documents etc reports publicly available legal documents sample contracts

Chapter 1 Section 1

Prior to analysing how a general contractor acts as both a main and turnkey contractor there is necessary to outline what their contractual roles and responsibilities are within a project By identifying their contractual responsibilities it allows for a more accurate analysis to answer the research questions presented in the problem statement section of this study

What is a Main Contract

In the initial stage of the project the client awards an architect with a consultant contract where the architect is responsible for preparing drawings specifications and contract documents fo

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