Penan tribe

Penan tribe

The review that I would like to made among the 5 tribes that acted by the Bruce Parry is the Penan tribe First of all I would like to introduce briefly about the character of Bruce Parry Bruce Parry is an activist that venture into the most remote area of Sarawak state in Malaysian Borneo He believes that the only ways to knows more about the culture anthropology and knowledge for a tribe is to have a participant observation in his fieldwork Participant observations mean that living within a given culture for an extended period of time and take part in its cultural daily life in all its richness and diversity

The Penan is a nomadic aborigine that roved on the land of Sarawak Borneo and some other parts on Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Nowadays the number of Penan had officially stated approximate to 10000 people and around 350500 of them are nomadic that scattered over Ulu Baram Limbang Tutoh and Lawas of Sarawak Figures retrieved from httpwwwsurvivalinternationalorg The present Penans are consisted with settled seminomadic and total nomadic communities that fully depend on the forest products In Penan society the natives are highly developed in an egalitarian society and little gender division It means that the social stratification among the man and women are almost equal For instance the man and women shared most of the chores among them Such as gathering the forest product and extracted sago from the sago palms but they are still some part of chores that dominated by male for example hunting in the forest

Penan is a group of native that practiced the ritual of Molong which means that never take more than necessary The majority of the Penan natives are work as nomadic huntergatherers The nomadic Penan usually moves in group that consisted approximately 40 people included children and old people They do not stayed for a long time in a particular place The period of time that they stay is depend on the resources at the place that they stayed and when the resources became fewer they will choose other suitable places and moved again

The nomadic Penan native that lived in the forest was very much depending on their traditional dietSago that starch from the Sago palm Once the Sago palms are matured and fully grown the sago palm trees will be cut down The leader of the collecting sago palm will make sure an amount of sago starched is enough for each family and kept adequately for their supply After that no more sago palm will be chop down until they are ran out of food Besides that the Penan native also preys on wild animals like wild boars mouse deer and monkeys The hunters hunt by using a blowpipe made with the Belian wood and carved out with a bone drill The poison darts that they used are made from the sago palms tree bark and on its tip the Penan dipped it with kind of powerful poisonous latex that extracted from a tree from the forest However the Penan natives also cultivate the planting of paddy and domestic animal breeding for their own foods not for sales

Furthermore I would like to discuss briefly about the Penan culture Culture can be define as a learned behavior in any particular society includes those ideas techniques and habits which are passed on by one generation to another in a sense a social heritage and which are virtually a set of solutions to problems that in the course of time others have met and solved before Tony Bilton Kevin Bonnett Philp Jones Michelle Stanworth Ken Sheard and Andrew Webster 1987 page 11 The nomadic Penan move in groups and they have their own clan territories the groups are consisted of a family of five or six members and some family even consisted of 30 people The nomadic Penan will leave their old selap huts and move to another domain of forest when their sago supplies are exhausted The majority of the roofs are tarpaulins and there are seldom roof made by giant palm leaves

In the aspect of material cultures only Penan elders dress in traditional dress which called chawa

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