Personal philosophy of leadership

Personal philosophy of leadership


Leadership is the ability of one to guide others it is based on ones abilities and qualities rather than skills One is born with these inherent qualities and naturally leads others these qualities are such as honesty courage confidence determination and wisdom among others A leader is different from a manager while a leader is born with the qualities a manger is created from skills he acquires The leader can become a manger while a manger is not necessarily a leader The leader is seen as a person in charge they are consulted for they ability to make decisions and guide the course of events While this may be true the leader is also a servant a good leaders purpose is to serve those who he has been bestowed upon the responsibility of guiding This may seem absurd but looking at leadership from a critical point of view one is able to understand the huge responsibility on their shoulders as they are often looked upon

The position of leadership is either bestowed upon them or it comes naturally when a faced by a certain decision a leader in a group will emerge without being appointed Leadership is then called upon to be based on ethics The reason for this is that leadership in todays world is under constant scrutiny everyone is watching the actions of the leader they make comments and pass judgment The leadership position is no longer a revered position it is one thought respected is not exempted from the societys scrutiny A good leader is one who involves those he leads in the every decision making and activities of this group The leadership role should also elevate the followers to a higher and better position

Leadership is meant improve the individuals a leader that leads those he leads into destruction or ruin is not an ethical leader Ethically there are accepted behavioral aspects that are expected of a leader the leader is not supposed to abuse the powers bestowed to him They should not betray the trust and loyalty empowered to them by others they are supposed to be consistent should not hoard privileges and more so they should accept responsibility These are the ethical aspects of leadership expected by the society

Personal Leadership Competence

Leadership theories have been in use to help describe leadership The transformational leadership theory is based upon the ethical approach where both the leader and followers are engaged in a combined effort to raise each other Transformational leaders raise the standards by being good examples to their followers The process or transactional leader whose concern the creation of structures that he expects the followers to adhere to of they do he rewards them

The transformational leader promotes social values and encourages his followers

Leadership development is not only restricted to mangers and leaders but can be useful to employees who are seeking to further their skills in leadership In order for one to effectively develop their leadership skills they need to develop a plan This is guided by leadership competence skills

The first step to achieving a personal leadership plan is the identification of goals In order for me to achieve a healthcare leadership competence in the 21st century the first step is to complete the master program in health informatics This training is meant to give me skills in the information sector that are necessary in the field of health The use and application of computers information technology in the healthcare sector necessitates the learning of health informatics

This will be acquired in the process of training and work experience as a nurse Then I must access proficiency

The next step in my leadership development plan is the identification of learning experiences As a nurse i need to develop a learning contract with my immediate supervisor This step is necessary as it gives me hands on experience and learning opportunities in the work environment The supervisor is there to give guidance work experiences and a gu

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