Role of National Museum to Safeguard Cultural Heritage

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Role of National Museum to Safeguard Cultural Heritage

Role of Bangladesh National Museum to Safeguard Intangible Cultural Heritage A Review

Bangladesh National Museum


This paper aims to investigate the role of Bangladesh National Museum to safeguard intangible cultural heritage which is considered as the fundamental of tangible culture Unfortunately for the contentious impact of modernization our intangible cultural heritages are under serious threat to its existence which is very alarming for us because if we fail to preserve our intangible cultural heritage we will lose our entity as a distinctive nation in the map of the world National Museum as a pioneer organization of the government play effective role to safeguard intangible cultural heritage in many ways

The cultural heritage of Bangladesh is very rich and historically highly regarded by the world community as it has uniqueness and specialities which are very distinct in character This heritage includes both tangible and intangible cultures From the primitive age to the present day Bangladesh is an arable soil of intangible cultural heritage like song rituals tradition dance performing art festive games cuisine folktales and architectureetc and these intangible heritages have significant influence on the way of life of the people which makes Bangladeshi people distinct from other nations It should be mentioned that the tangible culture of Bangladesh is very uniquely unique like craft different type of objects and all antiquities

Bangladesh National Museum has started its journey in 1913 as Dhaka Museum Dhaka Museum was located at Nimtoli Baro Duari area of Dhaka with two rooms Eventually Dhaka Museum transformed upgraded as Bangladesh National Museum in 1983 and shifted to present building at Shahbag Bangladesh National Museum has a collection of near 86 thousand antiquities As a wing of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Bangladesh Namtional Museum is playing vaital role to preserve tangible and intangible heritage of the country and portraying rich positive and bright image in front of the world community On August 7 2013 Bangladesh National Museum celebrated its 100 years of establishment In its long journey it has taken many milestone initiatives to safeguard intangible cultural heritages

11 Methodology

Both primary and secondary data have been used to prepare this paper Primary data were collected from the interview and discussion of the Bangladesh National Museum staffs And secondary data were collected from different books journals and articles
What is Intangible Cultural Heritage

When sociologists talk about culture they are more interested about the features of society which are learnt rather than inherited and these features help members of the society to cooperate and communicate with each other which facilitate them to create common platform to survive in a society Culture consists of both intangible aspects and tangible aspects Intangible aspects include belief ideas values and tangible aspect includes the objects symbols and technologies which correspond to that aspect Giddens 2001 Culture comes from the Latin word colere means to cultivate to to till the soil Smelse 1993 defined culture as a set of values views of reality and codes of behavior held in common people who share a distinctive way of life Schaefer 2006 identified culture as totality of learned socially transmitted customs knowledge material objects and behavior Giddens 2001 has given a broader view about culture He says that culture refers to the ways of life of the members of the society or of groups within a society

Ways of life of the members of the society or group consist of tangible and intangible culture Intangible culture can not be touched which is opposite to the tangible Intangible culture includes song music drama skills and others Basic Texts of the 2003 convention for the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage defined Intangible Cultural He

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