Societal Trends Affect Employment Business Essay

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Societal Trends Affect Employment Business Essay

HRP is the process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number and kinds of people at the right places at the right time and that these people are capable of performing their tasks effectively and efficiently

This helps the organization to achieve its overall objectives Two major ways in which societal trends affect employment is through consumer markets which affect the demand for goods and services and labour markets which affect the supply of people needed to produce goods and services

Maintaining a flexible workforce is the major challenge of the HR department

and HRP helps it handle this challenge HRP is done at different levels

corporate intermediate and operations levels and for shortterm activities

A proper human resource planning exercise should utilize the inputs of all the

departments in the organization and enjoy the support of the top management A human resource professional would be better equipped for human resource planning if he has a good understanding of the market dynamics changes in the economyorganizational processes and technological developments

The process of HRP involves three key steps assessing and making an inventory of the current human resources forecasting the organizations human resource needs and matching the demand and supply of human resources

Forecasting the overall human resource requirements involves studying the factors affecting the supply and estimating the increase or decrease in the external and internal supply of human resources

New hires transfersin individuals returning from leave etc increase the internal supply of human resources while retirements dismissals transfersout of the unit layoff voluntary quits sabbaticals prolonged illness and deaths reduce the supply

Part 1

Strategic importance or current future anticipated HR Requirement

Strategies concerns for hiring people at time of requirement and laying them off when they are not required This strategy argument distinguish between personnel and the human resources

Human Resource Requirement is to control labour costs looking for the talented labours or employees making informed business decisions and assessing the future market risks The important work of the HR people is too place right people for the right job at a right time and with the right price which an organization can afford because the employees are the main assets of the organization

HR people plans that what the organization will need with his employees and those employees can meet the needs or the target of an organizations

The major problem now is faced by the HR people is that this may create the gap between the organizations demand and the availability of the workforce supply the organization is going to develop new strategies or approaches to close these gaps

Strategies as per the HR Requirements

Environment Scan

Environment Scanning is a form of business intelligence If the environment of the organization is in good then it is easy for the new worker to mix up with the environment of the work and it is going to help the organization that the employee or worker is giving hisher fullest working skills

Current Workforce Profile

Current State is a profile of the demand and supply factors both internally and externally of the workforce the organization has today

Future Workforce View

HR people look towards the future organization that what all the requirements they need for the organization what all the demand of the market what sought of trend is going to be there what will be the requirement of the employees at what price or the requirement of some other resources which may help to improve in the workforce in future and creates much better Working Environment of an organization As well thinking about the Quantitative and Qualitative of the product and as well as for the employeesIt may be Internal or External demand and supply

Closing the Gaps

The major work of the HR p

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