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Stakeholders Management of Two degrees

The organizational behavior is a study of social man a kind of research field that studies the psychology and behaviors of people and their laws in order to improve the management efficiency and effectiveness in forecasting guiding and controlling of peoples behavior and to achieve organizational goals Newstrom and Davis 2001 As a general manager his responsibilities are ensuring the effectiveness of the organization and making the organizational structure not only meet the requirement of internal functions but also be adapted to the changes of the external environments Competitions between companies are actually competitions between people Lazear 1995 Stakeholders play a key role in a company and their behaviors have their own regulations and purposes which may be different from each other In this paper Two degrees company is as an example to analyze the companys stakeholders find the cause that drives the specific behaviors of the relevant stakeholders Some of the organizational behavior theories will also be described and applied in this paper

Two degrees a telecommunication provider is the second largest prepaid operator in New Zealand After nine years of planning the mobile network of Two degrees was firstly launched on 4 August 2009 Two degrees provides services including prepaid and paymonthly mobile services fixedline phone and broadband services Twose and Helen 2009 Two degrees has spent over NZ550 million on building the mobile network which as of 2016 covers almost all regions of New Zealand The network functions with GSM900 UMTS900 and UMTS2100 mobiles which is the same as its biggest competitor Vodafone network Two degrees refers to areas where it has its own 3G coverage as mobile broadband zones Two degrees had owners based in the United States the UK and New Zealand In March 2015 two degrees announced that it had acquired Snap a broadbandbased ISP and from 28 July began offering broadband and homephone services Alan 2015 Two degrees pays much attention to the market of industrial information technology such as educational industry agricultural industry health care industry and community service industry combined with current hot technologies continues to create distinctive integrated and competitive vertical industrial solutions in order to expand the market share Two degrees values are simplicity passion devoted integrity and challenger

To really understand the operational regulation or the organizational behaviors of the company to identify the stakeholders in it is the very first step The interaction between stakeholders invisibly and tangibly affects the performance of the company Analysis and identification draw the main stakeholders of Two degrees The following are detail of the identified stakeholders

Firstly shareholders who offer money to support the companys operations and expect to get in return Two degrees is a private company the shareholders are expected to participate in important decisionmaking selecting and recruiting key managers supervising the performance of the company They hope the company to create more profits so that they can get bonus in accordance with their share of capital contribution

Secondly creditors who lend money Two degrees for business activities obtain the fixed interest and withdraw the principal at the due date As creditors they will regularly visit the company to learn about the performance of the company The creditor hope the company can stably develop therefore the principal and interest of loan are safe and ensured

Thirdly there are managers and employees Managers are entrusted by the shareholders manage the company and receive relevant remuneration Employees are the basis of Two degrees they do their job in accordance with the instructions or arrangements work for Two degrees and obtain corresponding reward In other words good performance of a company is essentially caused by staff collective efforts Schein 1980 The degree of efforts that managers and s

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