Starbucks Business Development

Starbucks Business Development


In todays business world business development process is increasingly becoming important in the running any business As business enterprises continue to intensify their efforts in reducing the costs and improving quality and service Business development process in business is concerned with product production and service and it entails the task of ensuring the development of a product or services are effective and efficient

Business development process also involves managing products distribution of products and services to clients and the examination of the queue systems Armstrong 2006 describes business development process as the field of study that focuses on the effective planning scheduling use and control of a manufacturing or service organization through the study of concepts that affects the organization Armstrong 2006

This business report presents an analytical analysis of Starbucks business in terms in business development process evaluation of the impact of the economic and business development process and the obstacles which may hinder the business development process in the company The report will then give a conclusion on the basis of the findings

Corporation selected

Starbucks Corporation is a big multinational coffee and coffeehouse chainoutlet company which is based in United States Starbucks currently is the biggest coffeehouse company in the whole world with a record number of 15011 stores located in 42 countries Starbucks Corporation 2007

From where it was established in Seattle Washington as only a local coffee bean roaster and seller Starbucks has rapidly expanded In the 1990s the corporation was establishing a new store each workday a tempo which continued into the 2000s However domestic expansion has ever since slowed down although Starbucks continues to spread out in foreign markets

As at November 2007 Starbucks Corporation had 8505 companyowned coffeehouse outlets global 6793 of them located in the United States while 1712 are located in other countries and the US territories Besides the Starbucks has 6506 jointventure or licensed outlets and 3891 of them are in United States and 2615 are in some other countries or in US territories This thus brings the total number of locations as at November 2007 to 15011 worldwide Starbucks Corporation 2007

Critically examining the business development process

A central part of any successful and efficient of business development is following a procedure of how a company will evaluate a business suggestion or concept deciding if to continue with the concept and create a business after deciding to go ahead The five stages below assist formulate a straightforward process one can pursue The stages are not a strict arrangement to pursue But they offer important issue that a company needs to address when developing the business

The Company Background and business idea

The beginning of an innovative business idea or proposal can originate from different sources The idea may originate from a manager the board room or a set of producers having a meeting In spite of circumstances the idea can be assessed and evaluated to determine how valuable it is

For Starbucks the idea came as a sells and marketing manager on a leisurely The company was started in 1971 by three Seattle business entrepreneurs Gordon Bowker Jerry Baldwin and Zev Siegl and began selling coffee as a wholebean in Seattles Market The store was named as Starbucks At 1982 the venture had developed to five coffee stores a wholesale venture selling coffee mainly to area the restaurants and a small coffee roasting facility

During the same period Howard Schultz who was working as a Vice President of USA for a Swedish houseware Hammarplast Company in New York selling coffee to various retailers which included Starbucks By selling coffee to Starbucks Company Howard was then introduced to Starbucks founders who later recruited Howard to bring to the Starbucks Company

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