The Advancement of Film

The Advancement of Film

The Advancement of Film Through Sound

During the late 1880s the motion camera was invented a few years later the film industry was created The first films were usually about everyday life people walking or playing a prank these films were usually very short This was the era of the silent film Gradually film started to expand rapidly new technology enabled films to become more complicated with a storyline and the camera angles The Great Train Robbery was one of the first films to incorporate the different camera shots while having a story line The only thing that these movies were missing was the use of dialogue sound effects and music Sound is truly one of the things that set the film industry on a path to successes Film makers are continuously use sound to aid them in convening the emotions they want their audience to feel when they watch their movies Though much of the advancements of the film industry sound has become the most important aspect of movies it has come a long way since the silent era in film history movies would not be the same without it

The start of the film industry was a huge land mark in itself but without incorporation of sound they would not have become the multimillion dollar industry that it is today In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Americans were flooding into theaters to watch the latest movie that was out but in those days the movies were generally very short and had no audio To compensate for the lack of sound theaters would often have a pianist playing music on a piano or on the organ he would provide the necessary sound affects movies needed The Lumire Brothers were very popular in creating these early silent films Thomas Edison had been trying to come up with a way to incorporate sound in to film with the use of a phonograph but was un successful But his ideas would lead to the huge milestone for the advancement of sound in film during the nineteen twenties In early portion of the twentys the Vitaphone was invented The Vitaphone was a soundondisc system using multiple 33 13 rpm discs developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories and Western Electric In August 1926 Warner Brothers debuted the first Vitaphone film Don Juan Kay Thought this movie did use the Vitaphone to replace the organist the film still did not use dialogue The first film to incorporate the use of music and dialogue was The Jazz Singer this was considered the end of the silent era and beginning of the talkies In 1928 Walt Disney would release the move Steamboat Willie It was the first film to completely create a soundtrack in post production including sound effects music and dialogue Kay Many critics at the time believed that the incorporation of sound with the actual movies would lead to the down fall of the art and would ruin the entertainment value Boy was they wrong the advancement of sound lead to a more hooked audience who couldnt seem to get enough of the theater These early advancements in sound would aid in the perfection of sound

With the creation and incorporation of sound in movies film makers wanted to finally be able to perfect the art and be able to use it to convey the cinematographer message more efficiently One of the most significant achievements in film history was made by Murray Spivak who was the sound director for King Kong He was the first person to manipulate sound in a creative way Spivak used the sound of a lions roar slowed down one octave mixed with the sound at unity pitch Kay Spivak used sound in a way that it had never been used before he also paved the path for future sound directors Walt Disney became renowned in nineteen forties he created some of the most important innovations in sound some of which are still being used today Some of these creations included the panpot overdubbing of orchestral parts the multichannel surround system and simultaneous multitrack recording just to name a few The film Fantasia by Disney was the first to use The stateoftheart digital sound dub

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