The complex issue of hypermasculinity

The complex issue of hypermasculinity

Through past experience and research hypermasculinity has led African American culture to be defined as a culture that strongly fights for their sign of status and sexual aggressivity and dominance appear to be highly regarded Research has concluded that media and false misinterpretations of hypermasculinity are the main causes and the strong influences they have are causing these dominant aggressive and demanding behaviours Research has been done through personal interviews field work and observation Perhaps present and previous research is showing a better understanding for many cultures as to why African American men display certain characteristics in which demonstrate power and control Furthermore studies are creating awareness for society although they are not justifying these behaviours as being acceptable


Life threatening situations are brought upon us every day as we walk out the front door into the bus or into the front doors of school Growing up in todays society and conforming to various norms values and behaviours in which one witnesses is traumatic and time consuming amongst young men and women especially young African American men Gender roles and societies expectation are presented at such a young age this leading to pressure and unjustified behaviours such as drug trafficking prostitution and pimping Within African American society gender roles are depicted precisely and followed Various different ethnic groups live in different parts of the world but the status of black males in American society has been in flux for the last several decades Lips 2001 p5 The reasons why all these groups must show status is to prove their images of what it means to be masculine Sentimental submissive and superstitious Lips 2001 p5 are qualities associated with females in every country On the other hand males are more likely to be connected to characteristics resembling dominance forcefulness and strength Lips 2001 p5 In a variety of Hip Hop Rap music video clips the images being portrayed of how young men must behave always consists of the same factors dominance power aggressivity and the tough guy The question of how hypermasculinity is defined in African American culture and why sexual aggressivity and dominance appear to be highly regarded within this culture has been an ideology for many Despite false interpretation that the media portrays and the pressure of role models and real men the following paper will examine the main points and answers to these questions Furthermore it will observe the use of the term nigga and gansta from an open minded point of view

Hypermasculinity defined and expressed

Hypermasculinity is an extremely important sign of status for black males Hypermasculinity is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as an exaggerated masculine qualities although this term can be negative it is also personalized when examining these behaviours as adaptive or maladaptive impassively The term gansta for example comes from the word gangster which means a criminal who is a part of a gang who would want to be viewed as a criminal The other term often miss used is the word pimp A pimp is an agent for prostitutes who lives off their earnings Oxford Dictionary Today pimp is being used to refer to guys who sleep with many girls or the ones who can pick up any girl they want Where will society draw the line and who comes to decide whether one corresponds to the definition of a man an adult human male sometimes also used to identify a male human regardless of age as in phrases such as mens rights Oxford Dictionary

DeReef examines African American behaviour and defines masculinity to the degree where a male is able to successfully manifest their attributes DeReef F J 2006 p46 These behaviours are being shown in different ways where males are modifying or distorting their real behaviours in order to conform into society as to what seems to be correctly acceptable Over a long period of time until today bla

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