The Effect Of Organizational Conflict On Emotions Psychology Essay

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The Effect Of Organizational Conflict On Emotions Psychology Essay

Research has been conducted to study the effect of Organizational Conflict on Emotions with the moderating role of Intragroup process To further explore the applications of these variables we used their dimensions as inter generational conflict positive and negative emotions and leadership respectively The purpose was to find a workable relation among these dimensions to enable the organizations to use it as a tool to smooth their intragroup processes As for as the source of data is concerned we referred to published material on internet for secondary data and collected primary data through questionnaires Findings indicated that there is significant relationship between organizational conflict and intra group processes In addition to this moderating impact of intragroup processes on the relationship between organizational conflict and intra group processes was also explored in Pakistans context

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11 Introduction

Conflict appears to inherently exist in organizational settings because organizations operate with different processes norms and goals Although every organization has to deal with the conflict but the ways to address the conflict vary a lot Some conceptualize it absolutely negative with a view to prevent and eliminate it while others think that conflict is inevitable for the organizational survival and instead of getting rid of it the point of focus should be the system of managing conflict The modern workplace for most firms can be very diverse as the workforce today is filled with people with different skills attitudes and characteristics As such public and private administrators must become effective managers of individuals with diverse cultures backgrounds and interests Managers understand that the personnel human resources of an organization are its strongest asset that cannot easily be replaced As a matter of fact Robert Owen late 1700s Hugo Munsterberg early 1900s Mary Parker Follet early 1900s and Chester Barnard 1930s are all early advocates of organizational behavior and believed that people are the most important asset of the organization Robbins Coulter 2005 p 33 The concept of emotional intelligence is acquiring significance rapidly as human resource is a topic of growing organizational interest and humans are creatures of emotions Intragroup processes are assumed to reflect discrete processes and cooperation and conflict to represent alternative outcomes Work on intragroup processes has emphasized the importance of leadership influence and power within groups loyalty cohesiveness cooperation and performance egBealCohenBurke2003ChenKirkmanKanferAllenRosen2007LevineMoreland2002 Hence realizing inherent nature of conflict the importance of human resources humans as creatures of emotions influence of intragroup processes and inseparability of effective performance from emotions the current study examines the relationship among organizational conflict intra group processes and emotions

12 Rationale

Although there is robust theoretical and research oriented support on the relationship between emotions and conflicts Cronin Bezrukova 2006 Gamero Gonzalez Roma Peiro 2008 Greer Jehn 2007 Jehn 1995 Desivilya Yagil 2005 as well as intergenerational conflict Burke 2004 Blythe et al 2008 p 140 Dencker et al 2007 Dencker et al 2008 Jurkiewicz Brown 1998 p 30 but no research work has been carried out up to the date on the relationship among intergenerational conflict in the organizations intragroup processes and emotions positive vs negative Hence the current study examines how intergenerational conflict in organizations affect both valence of emotions positive vs negative and how intragroup processes specifically leadership influences moderate either strengthen or weaken the relationship between intergenerational conflict and emotions Valence refers to the degree of pleasant and unpleasantness of a state The

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