The Evolution of Interior Design

The Evolution of Interior Design

Question Discuss the work James Stirling Norman Foster Ettore Sottsass Richard Rogers David Hicks Philippe Starck

Post Modernism period is from the1950s to 21th century Postmodern style leadership at 1970s influenced today architecture and product design even graphic design Apart of influence to architecture design it also has culture literature art philosophy history economics architecture fiction and literary criticism Postmodern style make more same style building in the world appeared PostModernism makes local characteristics and traditional design fade out Nowadays architecture and urban landscape are too boring and no special point However architecture industry appears young designers and young architect groups that try to change and develop the PostModern style building outlook That occurred revolution of the architecture industry

Classical Modern and PostModern architecture are simple definition We can see every city established the architecture by using of the geometric The geometric structure is the most popular style These thought had been given from Bauhaus Bauhaus is influenced to modernism architecture mostly The modern architecture it is not too much decoration The material and functional architecture is a modern style feature mainly Until now the PostModern architecture is not only about aesthetic Meanwhile PostModern architecture the characteristic is focus in environmental protection Besides that we can found the PostModernism return to classical style in architecture and furniture design

I will introduce several most important PostModern Architects and Designers James Stirling he is Architect in British He designed the History Faculty Library Cambridge completed in 1968 He was a led in Postmodern movement important person In Italy Ettore Sottsass is a designer Graduated with a degree in architecture but some of his iconic works is a product design Typewriter Valentine Richard Rogers is a British architect He corporate with the Italian architect Renzo Piano Designed the Pompidou Center in 197177 in Paris The Centre approach is hightech David Hicks is an Interior Designer He strongly introduced Color and Graphic such as clashing colors and geometric pattern carpets He pioneered a mix and match antique with the modern pieces There are two important person will be discussed in below They are most popular architect Norman Foster and Designer Philippe Starck at today

Firstly let us discuss Norman Foster Norman Forster is a PostModernism hightech iconic architect designer He is worldwide famous architect He is a star in architectural industry also he won many of the world class architectural awards He is one of the worlds major architects

The Gale Group Inc 2004 point out that

Called the hero of hightech his architectural signature is a design that opens a building up to the public is mindful of the environment and saves money by using modern materials and advanced technology

HSBC Bank is a most popular bank In Hong Kong Also Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation HSBC Headquarters Looking buildings around in Hong Kong Central the architecture is still most modern even though it was established in 1985 That architecture is a British architect Norman Foster design

In fact his famous designed Huge Financial Commercial Building and Airport Terminal In 1986s Hong Kong we all know HSBC Building Hong Kong designed by him the building style is hightech Structural of steel parts was manufactured in United Kingdom Glass aluminum outer frame and flooring was manufactured in America Component facilities were manufactured in Japan The building architecture design structure is not internal support All supporting structures was located outer frame of the building and free removal And glass facade designed to make the best use of natural light The ground floor lobby door is toward north south winter keep cool in the lobby it save airconditioning costs The Hightech architecture is also known as Structur

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