The Historical Importance and Latest Findings of the Great Wall of China

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The Historical Importance and Latest Findings of the Great Wall of China

Keywords Great Wall of China

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Introduction 250

The Great Wall was reckoned as the worlds largest humanmade structure made up of stone bricks and earthen works whose construction started as early as the 7th century BC Originally it was used in many purposes but the most significant was to act as a border control that comprised of watch towers garrison station and troop quarters etc

It has received recognition by making the World Heritage List in 1987 of its cultural values in Chinese history In recent decade archaeologists put efforts in investigating the actual length of the Wall by applying field walking remote sensing and stratigraphy to look for archaeological potential in nearby areas It has contributed to a drastic change for the world to recognize an even larger construction project in China Over the years it has been attracting tourists from all around the globe to witness this majestic fortification In spite of their endless fascination towards the most reckonable ancient wall many were inconsiderate in littering that sparked debates in its preservation work Furthermore the Great Wall is praised by its profound value in Chinese history act as a strong symbol and historical evidence for people to ascertain past events In the following it will discuss its historical importance recent unearthed findings preservation work and cultural values to analyze its relationship of past and present

Criteria of WHL Danny According to the World Heritage Convention there are ten criteria for the world heritage selection Six of them are culture criteria and four of them are natural criteria The committee will evaluate the heritage site based on this ten criteria If the heritage sites list on the WHL sites must be of outstanding universal value and meet at least one out of ten criteria UNSECO nd The Great Wall is the culture site that list on the WHL and it meets five out of six culture criteria of selection In addition the Great Wall meets criteria i iiiii iv and vi So the Great Wall is a heritage site that contains outstanding universal value Therefore the Great Wall has been listed on the WHL at 1987

The criterion i is to represent a masterpiece of human creative genius UNSECO nd The Great Wall is a masterpiece because it is the only human hands built construction on the earth that human can see it from the space UNSECO nd The length of it is larger than 20000 kilometers and all built by human hands So it shows the human creative genius in building this huge scale construction

For the criterion ii the heritage site shows the significant interchange in the human values The human values of Chinese spread to the northern frontier in the period of Chunqiu The Great Wall reinforces the Sinicism by the transfer of population UNSECO nd Some of the Chinese and foreigner from north lived near the Great Wall and the culture intergradation shows the interchange in the human values

For the criterion iii the heritage site provides special or important evidences to the civilization The Great Wall provides special or important evidences to the rammedearth sections of fortifications dating from the Western Han UNSECO nd Some sections of the Great Wall are made of the rammedearth which is the old constructional material

For the criterion iv the heritage site is an outstanding model for buildings architectural style or craft Since the Great Wall is the longest and oldest military construction in the World it is an outstanding model for military construction In 220 BC Qin Shi Huang built the first military constructionthe Great Wall of the Qin dynasty to protect the country UNSECO nd In the later dynasties they also built this kind of military construction to prevent the incursion from the north Therefore The Great Wall is an outstanding model for fortifications and it served as military purpose for 2000 years

For the criterion vi the heri

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