The Impact Of How Organisational Structure

The Impact Of How Organisational Structure

The organisational structure has a great influence on the people working for the organisation The way the employees are organized and dealt with has a noticeable influence on each employee of the organisation If the organisation has a strong leadership it helps other people working for it to get motivated and to be influenced by the works of leader and they eventually get boosted This leads to the betterment of organisation and promotes more people to work for the organisation Leadership has a direct influence on the organization with the leadership style the organization can be moulded in the direction which is best suited for it The surveys and researches done so far have proved that the attitude of an employee to the organization is dependent on the structure of organization If the individual is happy with his job and show positive attitude towards the job the organization is more likely to be get benefited from it if the employee has a negative impact then preferably the organization gets suffer CITEHR 2005

The organization consists of people with different nature and aptitude Each person has its own skills and knowledge so he is capable of handling stuff in his own way The organization impacts the person in a way that he has to manage himself according to the needs of the organization The person has to mould his skills to suit the requirements Many factors are included which strengthens or weakens the ability of people working in an organization The main factors included are adaptability this is that how much a person can get adapted to the working environment he is going through Then comes the social values this explains the values which are to be maintained in order to continue the friendly employee to employer and employee to employee relation respectively SACHING 2009 Through this the risk of conflicts can be minimised

Analyse how Organisational culture plays a vital role in employees efficiency and effectiveness

Efficiency is the time taken to do some particular task The efficiency is when you complete your task in the minimum time Whereas effectiveness is the height of results achieved from tasks This is actually the actions of employees which brings about the results and helps the organization getting effective results CHRON 2012

The organization has a great influence on both the efficiency and effectiveness of the employee The culture of an organization particularly helps in constructing an efficient employee and it can harm the efficiency of an employee as well So basically it has a great influence The organizations with proper planned structures and stabled culture are more likely to bring about a positive change in their employees If the organization has a setup which includes proper trainings situps with the manager and discussions about the relevant matter then no doubt the organization is going to bring about efficient workers For example the company has got and Entrepreneur resource planning ERP system installed in place this helps employees getting in touch with each other and they can access each other directly wherever they are eventually saving time and making their work efficient

Similarly if the organization wants the best result it needs to have an effective planning of actions need to be performed in order to achieve those results The factors that can improve the effectiveness of the employee are through having a proper individuals performance review over a specific period of time This will help the organization figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of the employees which should be recorded and monitored on preceding tasks The other way to improve effectiveness is through organizing tests and tasks for employees the results will clearly show the level of effectiveness the organization can gain from that employee that can be changed later with training in the field where employees lack if things like these are in place then organizational culture is really improving the employee sk

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